A Whole New World

This is Ella.  Ella is four days old.  The world is a big and unusual place.

She handles all this new-ness by sleeping a lot. I mean a whole new hugemongous universe? it’d wear you out too.  (Doesn’t Husband look good w/ a baby?  And no, she’s not ours. I’d take her though).

And occasionally, the new world makes you a little grumpy.  Especially when you’re still learning how to poop.  I know, little one, pooping is a strange thing (makes you feel better in the long run, so hang in there!)

Sometimes in a big new world, it’s comforting to suck on one’s mittens (hey, I still do that when I get nervous too!)

Meet Ella’s big brother, Dale.  Dale is 4 and a half.

Such a shame this kid has no personality.

This is Molly, Ella’s self-appointed protector.

She’s keeping an eye on the newest member of her pack (me feeding her had nothing to do with her watching me… nothing at all).

Ella’s awesome parents do not appear in these pictures (well, her mom’s sort of in the first one) for reasons of being very tired. Duh. They like, brought a new human into the world this week.

7 thoughts on “A Whole New World

    1. Kelly, thanks! I hope you maybe got a new reader or two off my link-lovin 😉

      Yeah, this is was just informal, went over to see them. Me, my camera, and my 1.8 prime lens. Simple as can be…

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