Epiphany! Epiphany!

I’ve had an epiphany! Well, actually everyone can have this one… Today, January 6th, is Epiphany on the church calendar, and I finally get to move my wise guys (er, wise men) to the manger so they can present their gifts. They’ve been hanging out on the opposite end of my mantle all Advent and Christmas.

See how far away they are?

Oh look! They’re halfway there!  That poor wiseman in front seems to be making the journey on his knees! now that’s dedication.

Everyone’s together… though Mary’s very tired of kneeling waiting for the wisemen, and the shepherd’s thinking that sheep on his shoulders is getting really heavy right about now…

I love Epiphany, and I have heard our new church celebrates with a traditional English Christmas Dinner following the service.

Tonight’s a special service too because it marks the official beginning of St. Francis and St. Joseph’s joining together. Sort of like a marriage of churches is taking place tonight. And then, yummy food! I’m excited :-)

An epiphany is also what I’m seeking this year as I move fully into this in-between time. Even though my big transition became official in June, it’s taken me until now to sort of adjust to being in this place, and then try to start seeing what this space is for (for more on the transition, read my newly completed about page).

So today marks the official beginning of a year of something different, a year of being okay with not being in vocational ministry, a year of hopefully coming to a better understanding of my calling, and where I go from here. A year of just being, and just being me, with the only expectations being that I live up to my advertisement and take good portraits of people :-) so far, so good. A year of getting to know the new members of our congregation, and them getting to know me (watch out St. Joe’s! I’m not your normal pastor’s wife. I’m giving you fair notice 😉 )

A year of building the new friendships that have finally emerged for me after the move to Nashville, and a year of getting to spend more time hanging and chatting with the old friends that are so dear to me.

And after this year, who knows? But I’m excited. I hope you’ll come along for the ride, companions and conversation partners in this new journey.

Now, I’m hungry… lunch for me!

2 thoughts on “Epiphany! Epiphany!

  1. Hi Anna!

    Just wanted to stop by and leave a comment to let you know that I got here and am glad to have a chance to get to know you a little better through your blog. We should have a conversation some time (coffee? wine? bread from the oven with fresh-from-the-hive honey?) about claiming our artist selves. It seems there are lots of us out here in the world. And, are you still playing with the trinity of photos storytelling idea? If so, we need to reschedule!

    I’ll be back (channeling my better than average A. Schwarzenegger)

  2. Anne! so good to “see” you, and I’ll have to blogroll you too! I don’t think I realized you blog, but that was probably just a lack of being observant, or maybe I knew and I forgot 😛 I sort of have been out of the blog-o-sphere for a while.

    Totally! Let’s hang, plus we still need to do your triptych portrait if you’re still interested.

    I’ll fb you here in a bit. Talk to you soon.

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