Get 'em up, move 'em out… blog round-up!

Okay folks, here’s some fun link lovin’ for the blogs I’ve trapped in my round-up corral this week… shhhh, settle down there bloggies, I’ll let you go… maybe… muahahaha.

Chera at Memoirs of a Vagabond has posted some good thoughts on the whole health care situation we’ve got going on right now, and from the perspective of someone living with Rheumatoid Arthritis in her twenties.  Check out Radical Health Care.

Mark, who is one of the owners of the farm where Husband and I have a CSA share, blogs at Old Farmer Mark and frequently posts his poems and song lyrics, check out his recent post: Life before death.

Rachel over at Mixed Things posts on a variety of interesting topics as you might guess from her blog title.  She recently posted a disturbing amusing post on plastic surgeries gone wrong… it’s more than Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers, folks, and it’s scary.

Shirley is blogging about her adventures in cooking for her kids.  And she posted a recipe for a spinach burger that I have to try sometime.  I mean spinach, in a burger… what’s not to love (yes, I’m a spinach addict, stop calling me Popeye already!)

And last, but certainly not least, a post from the Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus, which if you haven’t checked out, you must.  don’t ask, just go look.  Here’s one from last month:

3 thoughts on “Get 'em up, move 'em out… blog round-up!

    1. Rachel, you're welcome! :-) Good post too, I've been researching some about teen girl's spirituality and the impact that our hyper-sexualization of them has on that, and the whole plastic surgery "perfect" body culture is a big piece of that for those that can afford it, and for those that don't, it makes their "goals" just that much more un-attainable and unrealistic (and like, who'd want boobs that big anyway? sooo heavy).

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