Queen Adelaide Goldeneyes

I’m celebrating my cat today because she’s awesome, and partly because I’d wished last week that I had better recent pics of Sebas before he left us.  And don’t worry, Adelaide’s fine, it’s just that since I’ve posted pics where you got to know the dogs better, she insisted she get a post all to herself. So here goes.

Hi! I’m Adelaide. My biped mom is writing this post for me, because I insisted that I wasn’t getting enough attention, and look at me why don’t you, with looks like these, I should get lots and lots of attention.  And yes, I am Queen Adelaide Goldeneyes of Havenknoll and the all the surrounding lands.  Don’t you forget it!

Who is this that enters my domain with that big black clicky thing?  And why are you pointing it at me?

Hark what is that that flys above my head? Can I eat it? should I bat it?

Yes, look at me, love me, but you can’t have me. I’m reasonably content with the service of my current biped housemates.  They do open the door for me most of the time when I ask.

Fear me, you bouncy ball thing!

Now love me all you people who read my biped mom’s blog.  I demand it! (remember the fearsome side as you look at all this beauty… loving me is the wisest course). But look only, do not touch.

Anna here: all comments on this post should be addressed to her Majesty Queen Adelaide Goldeneyes. Let’s not upset her now…

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