The problem with gi's

Some of you know that I’m a black belt, effectively meaning I’ve just really started learning karate.  I know you thought you started at white belt, but see what happens is once someone (not me, of course) gets to about orange belt, they start thinking they’ve learned a lot… then as sort of upper student towards the brown belts they’re feeling pretty darn cool.  Then you get the stuffing beat out of you on your black belt test and you realize you’ve just begun. Okay, so no one actually beat the stuffing out of me, but the black belt test is both exhilarating and humbling, as it should be.

But that’s not what I wanted to talk about today.  My mom (hi, mom! look, mom! I’m wearing my gi!) has been insisting that I send her pictures in my new gi, since she and dad did, after all, send me said gi for Christmas (thanks, parents!).  I figured, what the hey, I’ll post them on my blog instead.

This is me wearing my belt test face.  If a student can’t do their kata while I look at them like this, then they can’t pass. (and if they laugh at that tuft of hair sticking out from behind my ear, then I fail them instantly).

These pictures, incidentally, were taken by my hunky assistant, Husband 🙂 (Husband, why didn’t you see the tuft of hair!?!?!)

Okay, so here’s part of the problem with gi’s… everything ties.  This is the pants’ tie.  The drawstring doubles all the way around the pants so you can tighten the waist how you want it and then tie yourself in.

This is one of the side ties. There are two, but the other one looks just like this.  So you put on the jacket, and then you tie tie tie yourself in.

and last, but not least, you put on your belt, which requires, oh yeah, tying it! Which brings me to the problem with gi’s… once you’ve put them on, you really don’t want to go pee, even if you remember after you got dressed that you meant to go before… Seriously, there’s that many ties 😛

here’s my normal teaching face.  I do actually I smile a lot at these kiddos…

and here’s my unsightly sparring gear picture… I tell you, I love my gi, even though in pictures it adds at least 15 pounds (has nothing to do with the oreos I was was fighting the universe with this morning.  Yes, oreos.  They’re like kryptonite when the universe is fighting you at 8 am).  But the sparring gear… well, I love that it keeps my brains from getting addled… er… more addled. Don’t I look fearsome? Fear me! (and if either of you parent types say I look cute, forget it. For crying out loud, I’m 30 years old already).

Yes, I have to hold my hands like that when I’m wearing sparring gear… psychological thing I guess… they just can’t be at my sides.  I need counseling.

If I get the stuffing beat out of me in tonight’s class, I’ll post again and tell you about it.  Karate instructor threatened me with 1000 push-ups if I didn’t bring my sparring gear… If I forget, I won’t be posting as my arms will no longer work. Poor arms.  Of course last week, he cheated by making the whole class do kick-lunge combinations so that my legs wouldn’t work by the time we got to sparring…

Ladies, this is a Juka Diamond, a gi made just for us girl martial artists! First gi I didn’t have to hem because I’d ordered the pants two sizes too big to accommodate that fact I’m not shaped like a dude. I have hips, okay?

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  1. Tricia Aven

    GREAT PICTURES!! Thank you Jody for taking them!!
    So glad to see the gi!
    Great post too Anna!!
    But what's wrong with saying you look cute just because you're 30????
    Didn't some 30 year old just say that about me recently – and I think I'm older than you!!:D

  2. Dad

    I call your Mom cute all the time and she is over 30… so I must admit I had already uttered the phrase before I read further…ops! So I guess you are in the same boat… eternally cute. So what can I say I am a fan.

  3. Donna Vivace (fellow martial artist)

    Do you like the Juka Diamond Gi? I’m thinking about buying one. I hate fighting my gi during training! And the others I’ve looked in a female cut have pink on them! Pink!

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