Today's Randomness

So did you hear I started a new blog today?  Random, right?

I had a three shoot day which always makes me tired and sort of hyper-observant at the same time.


Playing outside with my dogs despite the 22 degree weather.

Seeing Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” on the “books for cooks” shelf at Target (my apologies to all of you who have seen the movie or read the book).

Reading Ben Witherington’s excellent take on Downey’s Sherlock Holmes, which I recommend despite the fact that he called Doyle’s lady foil “Irena” Adler instead of “Irene.”  Ben, Ben, what am I going to do with you?

Passing a fairly demure older gal as I was coming out of Target and hearing an award winning burp from the same vicinity (I won’t say it was her, but it sure wasn’t me!).

Having the guy at Starbucks ask me where I was from because I replied “no worries” when he apologized for the wait.

Breaking the “rules” of photography and taking pictures into the sun.

Reveling in the lens flare.

Enjoying the quiet of woods asleep for the winter, bathed in a winter afternoon sunset.

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  1. Heidi

    I *love* the 2nd photo with the sun flare. Love it.

    Welcome back to blogging. 😉

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