My 5 Other Lives

So, I’m doing the Artist’s way for Lent, and one of the assignments for the first week is to answer the question what you would be if you had 5 other lives.  I’ve been thinking and chewing on this and I think the answers so far are:

  • Musician (like in a band, playing rock/country/celtic fusion stuff)
  • Farmer
  • Novelist
  • Chef/Restaurant owner

Part of her whole thing is then, once you’ve identified the answers, what steps can you take to pull some of what you like about the alternate lives into the life you live now?  For the 3 I’ve identified so far, my answers are:

  • Find people in Nashville to jam with (okay, shouldn’t be hard, I live in freakin’ Music City already, and Nashville readers want to jam? I play keys)
  • I started an herb garden last year, and this year we’re more than doubling our garden space and adding more vegetables, and hopefully, adding chickens this spring.
  • I’m signed up for the massive group writing project known as National Novel Writing Month where you try to write 50,000 words in the month of November towards the completion of a novel.  I’m hoping the accountability and deadline will be the jump start I need to get the novel idea that’s been in my head out on paper.
  • And I’ll just keep cooking and having dinner parties on this one I guess.

I didn’t think of anything too out of the box, perhaps because I already explore some of my alternate lives as interests in the main one I’m living now.  Although, I couldn’t think of a fifth one…

What about you? What would you be if you had 5 other lives?  And what should I do with my fifth one?  I’m open to suggestions 😉

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