UnRemovable Obstacles

I had an “ah ha” moment this morning while finishing my morning pages for the Artist’s Way.  I  was sitting there, trying to write to three pages, and feeling jumpy as all get out because I wanted to be up and cleaning my house.

That’s when it hit me…

dun dun dun

A dirty house is an obstacle to my creativity.

In fact, it could be almost entirely responsible for my lack of blog posts for instance in the last two weeks (well, that and I was on a trip for five days).  I can’t settle down and think about what I want to write about when the house is dirty because it makes me antsy.  But it’s a totally removable obstacle (though as dirty as it is, it seems like an UNmovable obstacle, but I know that isn’t true).

The other obstacle is that I write better in the morning.  Once lunch time has come and I’m in the afternoon, I feel like I should be picture editing or running errands or something.  Somehow the schedule I’m usually on that has been out of whack these last 2-3 weeks gives me permission to write in the morning, but I feel jumpy in the afternoon like I should be doing something else, but then I feel bad because I haven’t written and then don’t want to be doing the things I am doing.

Also a removable obstacle.

I have issues with rebelling against disciplines that I create for myself and enjoy while I’m in them.

Ah well.  I feel a lot like a writer I once read: the things I want to do are the things I don’t do, but I end up doing the things I don’t want to do.  *sigh*

What are UNmovable obstacles to your creativity that might actually be fairly REmovable ones?

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  1. Peggy

    I think cleaning my house is an obstacle to my creativity too…So with that being said…I'd rather succumb to my creative self and forget about the house…lets just let the more practical folks deal with that …I like the I don't have time right now I am being creative…excuse:)
    My recent post Madison Creek Farms “Farm Newsletter” February 2010

    1. Anna

      Well, whatever works for you, I guess is the important part. Love the new gravatar 😉

  2. Anne

    Clutter in my office/creative space (sad that it is one and the same) is why I am giving up clutter for Lent. I did a MAJOR purge and reorganize at New Year's, and it has made a huge difference in what I can accomplish. You go, girl!

  3. Anna

    I'm trying to not only do the Artist's Way for Lent, but get back into the rhythm I know is healthiest for me… Maybe it's too much, but since I've lived in that rhythm before, I'm hoping the regularity of the Artist's Way assignments will help push me back into that place. Looking forward to coffee!

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