Yes, I'm a coffee snob, why do you ask?

Okay, so I’ve become something of a coffee snob of late.  I discovered thanks to a friend’s dare, that I was slightly lactose intolerant in that it used to be if I drank too much coffee, my stomach would start bothering me.  But after he challenged me by essentially calling me an infant for continuing to put milk in my coffee (in Europe, they only put milk in children’s coffee in order to get them used to it), I decided to switch to black (note, I already had stopped putting sugar in).

Then I discovered it wasn’t the coffee upsetting my stomach, it was the milk.  Now I can pretty much drink coffee all day if I want to instead of limiting it. Yeah, that was a great discovery, thanks Jason 😉 (so what I’ve been downing a whole french press by myself, everyone does that right? right?)

Anyway, I’d already started French-pressing my beans, and I started grinding my own beans way back when I still used a drip coffee maker, and each step on the road of coffee goodness has moved my coffee experience to new levels of the sublime.

Did you know coffee isn’t bitter?  Did you know that it actually has a natural sweetness to it?  That properly, recently roasted coffee ground right before you brew it ideally in a french press or if you must use a drip machine, one with a permanent mesh filter (paper keeps the oils out of the coffee).

Here’s the steps I did to experience sublime coffee 😉

Step One:  Start with locally, recently roasted coffee.  If it was roasted more than two weeks ago, leave it on the shelf.  Good local roasters will put a roast date on the bottom of the can or bag.

Step Two: Store your coffee in an airtight, dark container.  My favorite local roaster, Bongo Java, has these cool commemorative tins that fit the bill (although their tops are translucent… translucent=light coming through… AHHHH!) okay, so they mostly fit the bill.  Better then the clear acrylic I had been using 😛

Step Three: Grind the coffee and boil the water (note, you may want to try filtered water to see if it tastes better in your locale).  Here’s my coffee freshly ground, and coarsely ground too!  Grind just until most of the beans are ground… a few large pieces are okay, try to grind all those up, some of it will be too fine and you’ll end up with grounds in your cup. (yuck!) (Side note, if you don’t have a French press, buy one with a three-piece press assembly, not a one piece).

Step Four: Just before the water reaches a full boil, pour into press and stir (or you can do what I do, and press the coffee half way down and pull the press up rapidly twice, which pretty much stirs it 😉 my snobbery only goes so far.  For true snobbery, stir with a long handled spoon 10-12 times clockwise only).

Step Five: Wait at least 4 minutes, then pour and enjoy!

2 thoughts on “Yes, I'm a coffee snob, why do you ask?

    1. well, you’d told me enough times, I figured it must be true 😉 I’ll fix you up some yummy coffee when you come over next week (or next next week!)

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