Meet the Ladies

Okay, as promised, now that the chickens come running to the end of the ark where I am even if I don’t call them (they’re hoping for scratch, and today was their lucky day), and now that I can even hold one of them regularly, I can now introduce them to you properly, ready?

From left to right we have: Roxy, Tilly, Sadie, Bonnie (the barred rock hiding behind the others), and Henrietta (Husband really wanted a Henrietta 😉 )

So, close up, here’s Roxy, the audacious Barred Rock.

And here’s Henrietta, the one that lets me hold her, and thus she’s rapidly becoming my favorite chicken. I picked her up Sunday and let 5-6 people pet her and she was pretty chill.  And her feathers are so soft!

Tilly, the talkative one 😛  You can always tell where she is because she keeps up a near constant monologue.

Bonnie, the shy barred rock.  But she’s not too shy about scratch, she just tries to stay out of the others way…

And look! someone left me a present :-) Yay! I like presents!  It was still warm too. Now that’s a fresh egg.

By the way, this makes for great identity theft protection… not only do you shred all your papers, but then you use it as next box material.  And when the chickens get confused and poop in the nest box, you compost the whole thing… yeah, no ones putting THAT back together.

3 thoughts on “Meet the Ladies

  1. What a fun post…and so nice to meet the ladies 😉

    And I love the idea of the shredded paper for the ground. Now if only I had chickens!

    1. thanks, Molly!

      Chickens are not that hard to take care of if you can get away with it where you live 😛 I'm outside the city limits.

  2. now, i want some chickens, in live in the city, at an apartment complex. It is my goal to own a piece of land in the outskirts in the next 5 years. This way I could live mostly off the land, with chickens, a couple of cows, horses, sheep…. wow, it feels soooo real already.

    Your girls are BEAUTIFUL, im so happy for you AND THEM.

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