The Chicken or the Egg-Part 2: the chicken!(s)

My chicken ark has chickens in it!

The girls arrived yesterday with my friend Shari (thanks, Shari! :-) ).  They are all just about 1 year old.  The big yellow ones are Buff Orpingtons and the black and white ones are Plymouth Barred Rocks.  (never heard of an Orpington? it’s okay, neither has my spell checker 😛 ).

The birdies like scratch. (mix of cracked corn and grain).  It’s like chicken crack.

Can you hear them? They’re saying, “Scraaatch, Scra, Scra, Scratch!) (or maybe that was clucking, but I’m pretty sure I heard them enunciating).

You looking at me?

mmm, wet stuff!



4 thoughts on “The Chicken or the Egg-Part 2: the chicken!(s)

    1. the ark is great! I've showed it off several times now because people have come over to see the birds, and everyone loves the construction and design 😉

  1. yeah, they're all feathers… Adelaide weighs more, but apart from perching on the top of the ark, she pretty much ignores them

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