Standing desk finished

It’s done! My $20 standing desk solution that turned out to be a $32 plus tax standing desk solution, but still, not bad.  What I did was take two of those organizers (one I had, plus a new one I bought) and install their shelves upside down.  I also bought two white 24 inch shelves from Lowes in the shelving department where you can buy finished shelves and brackets, usually near the closet organizers, handy that is.

Here’s a pic of the closet organizer box.  I forgot to take a pic of the shelves with their labels but you can view them here at

Then I turned them on their sides with their tops facing each other and all the rough edges up, so the smooth edges would go against the desk.

The only place then that the rough edges show are the bottoms of the shelves because of the placement of the pre-drilled holes, like so:

I could have avoided that by aligning them feet to feet, but that would have turned the whole thing into a giant box, and there would be no cool little bookshelves on the sides.

I used the little pegs that you use to stabilize them when they’re stacked to hold the tops together so I could drill and screw the tops on.  The top of this desk is those two pre-finished white shelves I mentioned above.

Be careful measuring and screwing the tops onto the shelving units as they’re only a half inch thick and you can drill too close to the edge and have the screw pop through the side.  I’ve only heard this is possible, that statement is in no way meant to imply that I did such a thing *looks around furtively*

Anyway, I got #10 screws that were already painted white on top in the same closet and organizing isle, they went with another collection, but hey, whatever works right?

Screw across the front and into the middle shelves of the unit, measuring carefully to get your placement just right!

Any #10 screws that are about 2 inches long would do fine tho, especially if you use some of the little white screw topper things that come with the organizers and plug the screws on the top as well as the sides.

The only drawback to this design is the shelves don’t measure a perfect 12×24 like the dimensions say on the label, more like 11 and 1/2 by 23 and 1/2, so there’s a small gap in the back, but it works as a cord slot as you can see in the first picture above…

The advantage to this solution is that the sides become nifty little book shelves for storing, well, books and stuff. See?

And as long as I never set my coffee on the upper level of the desk, I can’t spill it on my keyboard! Bonus!

Here’s a gratuitous Percy picture. I can’t get over the cuteness of this little cat 😛

Okay, so supply list for those of you who like everything in one place:

And if you’re not hopelessly confused at this point, please refer again to my pictures with the confusing arrows, and that should set you straight. 😉

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