Okay, okay

Blogging is like… exercise in some ways.  You love how you feel when you’re doing it regularly, but if you quit for a while (even for vacation!) you end up having problems getting back into it. I’ve planned posts, taken pics for posts, and never posted said posts… For instance, my fun fall decor that I created by scavenging my house and only bought (1) large pumpkin and (5) small white pumpkins to make it happen 😛 But now that we’re into Advent and Christmas is zooming towards us at the rate of the Polar Express, I think you don’t really want to see that now…

So, I’ve decided to blog about the fabulous ornaments I came up with this year almost entirely from random stuff I had on hand. Cool right?

Oh wait you want to see them?

I haven’t made them yet…

Okay, okay, so I’ll try to have the first one finished tomorrow and post that, k?

Happy now? 😉

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