Upcycled Christmas Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of my Christmas series! What, you didn’t know it was a series? I didn’t either, until today. How many parts you ask? As of now, four or five in total, but you never know… 😉

So the shirt I took the buttons from to make the ornament I posted last was this awesome blue fabric, simply ripped down the front in an entirely un-fixable way.  But it was far too pretty for the rag pile, so I started messing with ways to turn it into more ornaments!

Ready for it? Here is ornament #2  in the Anna Howard 2010 Upcycled Christmas Ornament series.

First off, I cut a bunch of 8 inch-ish circle-esque pieces of fabric from the shirt with pinking shears. (Actually, first first, I cut all the main panels out of the shirt so I didn’t have to deal with the seams, but that’s neither here nor there, you can do what you like!) Oh, and while you’re at it, cut a 24″ inch-ish piece of hemp (see end of post for supply list).

Place 2″ styrofoam ball in center of cloth:

Notice how so not-perfectly circular my “circle” is? You know what? it makes absolutely no difference! Great right? No pattern needed, just cut approximately 8-10″ of fabric.

Then gather up said “circle” of fabric around the styrofoam ball like so:

Now, grab that piece of hemp you cut in step #1 (what you say, my steps aren’t numbered? Scroll up and deal with it already…), and wrap 2-3 times around and tie in a firm knot like so:

Then if you want, you can stop here and tie an overhand knot for the hanger.

OR you can be complicated like me and do this next step: Take both ends down and cross under the bottom, like… okay like so: (how many times can I say like so in one post?)

Then to finish off, and I can’t do this and take pics of it, so use your imagination… take one end back to the top and wrap 2x clockwise. Then take the other and wrap 2x counter-clockwise and tie in a firm knot, like… well, you get the general idea!

Finish by bringing the ends together in an overhand knot and trim if necessary.

Supply list for Little Blue Ornament (Husband thinks they look like little money bags, what do you think they look like?)

  • 1 – old shirt (an x-large man’s shirt has plenty of fabric to make 6 of these plus several of ornament #3)
  • 4 yards – 20 lb jewelry hemp (perfect if you got a big ball of this for ornament #1, you can just keep using it!)
  • 6 – 2 inch styrofoam balls (or 12 if you don’t want to do ornament #3)

Like to print out instructions to have them next to you while you craft? Click here for a .pdf of this ornament.

Stay tuned for Part 3, Ornament #3 tomorrow! And then I’ll give you a tour of our tree 😉 And coming soon, my favorite cookies adapted for Cookies in Jar! Look! I’ve planned posts!

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