Upcycled Christmas Part 3

And now, for the final ornament in the 2010 Anna Howard Upcycled Ornament Collection, the Fuzzy Flower Ornament!

This is the most time intensive of all of them, require a half-hour to an hour to complete per ornament. As a I result, I’ve made a grand total of one so far, and only aspire to make 3 total if I can squeeze them in.  So in ranking order of difficulty, ornament #2 is the easiest and the fastest requiring less than 10 minutes per ornament (after gathering supplies and getting the hang of it that is, it might take a try or two before it gets that fast), and then ornament #1 is next requiring about 15 minutes of work time, 10-12 minutes to wrap it in paper, then an hour or so of drying time, and another minute or two for the hanger part.

This one is gorgeous, but time consuming 😛 Never-the-less, here it is in all it’s step-by-step glory!

Step 1: (look, numbers! aren’t you proud of me 😉 ) Create a hanger for this ornament as for ornament #1 only this time, you do it first.  Puncture a hole all the way through the styrofoam ball, cut about 12″ of 20 lb jewelry hemp, and thread through a button. Insert both ends through hole in ornament and pull button snug against the bottom of the ornament.  Add a second button, tie a tight knot against the second button, and tie an overhand knot in the ends of the cord.

There are no pictures of this step because I forgot to do this until I finished the ornament.  Don’t do that. Do it first. It’s very hard to find the hole you punctured after you’ve pinned all the little pieces of fabric in place :-P. I do things out of order all the time, but don’t be me. Do as I say, not as I do 😉

Step 2: Cut small circle-esque pieces of fabric about 2-2 1/2 inches across.  Again, they don’t have to be perfect circles, anything close to a circle as long as there are no weird points will work.  To make this super easy, use Gingher scissors! No, that’s not a paid ad, they were 50% off at Joanne’s and I was able to stop drooling and buy a pair (two actually, I got the 8″ dress maker’s shears and the craft scissors, awesome! totally worth the moolah, but so much better at 50% off!!)

You’ll need about 50 circles per fuzzy flower ball (I lost count, sorry…)

This is also from the ruined shirt of husband’s that I used to make the Little Blue Ornament, ornament #2. If you are going to make both, I recommend making 4-6 of #2 first, and then making this one, as you can cut these little circles out of the scraps from cutting the big circles for ornament #2.

Step 3: Fold circle in half then half again.

Step 4: Pin to styrofoam ball with a straight pin through the corner.  Start at the top next to your hanger (not in picture, see above).

Step 5: Rinse and repeat!

Step 6: And just keep repeating.  Hint: as you pin around a row in a circle, pin the next pieces in the spaces between the corners of the previous row, like so:

Step 7: Just keep pinning, just keep pinning… You may want to pin a few closer together at the very end to hide the ends of the pins, but if you fluff up the pieces afterwards, they’ll probably hide them either way.  And if you pin from top to bottom, it won’t really matter anyway.

Supply list for Fuzzy Flower Ornament:

  • Fabric scraps (from shirt or other).
  • 50-60 straight pins per ornament
  • 1 – 2 inch styrofoam ball per ornament.
  • 2 buttons per ornament.
  • 12″ of 20 lb jewelry hemp per ornament.

Up next, a complete tour of my tree! I love my tree :-) Stay tuned.

And for those of you who like to download your instructions, click here for a .pdf of this project.

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