That is always the thing: to make a point of moving slow enough through life to really see. From Ann Voskamp’s post today.

Ah, in a sentence she sums up what I’ve been working on in many ways this past year.

Slow down.  Breathe. Be.

Escape from the cycle that’s so easy especially in our culture here in the States to fall into.

When did “keeping busy” become a virtue? The supposedly ideal answer to the question, “How are you?”

Busy is unavoidable for seasons, but if we fall into that mode permanently, busy robs us of experiencing our own lives.

And not experiencing our own lives is a great tragedy.

We want to live for the big moments.  And the big moments are great! But they are 1) few and far between and 2) are in fact cumulations of all the little moments.

So if in fact we don’t learn to live in the little moments, to slow down, to really see and experience, we’ll be so busy rushing that we either will never get to the big moments, or we might miss those too.

Forget the New Year’s resolutions then… what’s one little thing you can do today that will make you smile to have it done at the end of the day? One little thing maybe you can do more days than not that will start a trend that makes you feel satisfied.  For me lately it’s been cleaning up my kitchen as I go. I’ve been working on it all week, and now it suddenly seems to “keep itself clean” and if I keep this up, it will stay a sanctuary that I want to cook in.

And taking delight in moments, in little things can become little time sanctuaries in themselves.

Like enjoying watching the pancakes bubble till the bubbles pop very slowly and then you know it’s time to turn them over.


#23 dirt on puppy dog noses

#24 quirky friends

#25 pancakes frying in a skillet

#26 a clean kitchen

#27 rhythm

#28 free games to play with long distance friends :-)

By the way, the pancake recipe pictured here is Alice Water’s Multi-Grain Pancakes from The Art of Simple Food.

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