Preparation Deux

I’ve always been sort of creative, but didn’t used to be that much of a “do it myself” kind of girl till more recent years… I guess home ownership will do that for you, but I’ve also grown to love the results of doing something with my own two hands.

Of course the majority of the work in painting this room has been done with husband’s own two hands, but I like those results too 😉

There’s something deeply satisfying about doing a project, seeing the results and knowing you did it yourself.

This room is a testament to baby steps.  Cleaning it out was quite a several month endeavor to not exhaust myself and Jody was having a busy time of it at work with the holidays approaching. Things are (a little, teensy bit) quieter now, and we’ve been steadily chipping away at this project.  It probably won’t be done till the weekend (which is Sunday/Monday for us), but it’s making good progress.  And it’s a lovely testimony to baby steps. :-)

So, new things! I painstakingly marked out a diamond within the square that we did two days ago, and Jody painted the inset wall with its first coat of green.

Then yesterday we applied the birds and branch decal that we ordered from Simple Shapes on Etsy, and I painted the diamond orange (burnt orange, color called “fragrant cloves,” which goes well with the green color “pickling spice”).

Next up! Another coat of green, some more orange in a cool location (stay tuned!) and some stenciling…

3 thoughts on “Preparation Deux

  1. I love the colors and birds and everything you’re doing in there. It looks really relaxing. I’m sure Eli will love it and you will enjoy loving it with him! The colors actually remind me a lot of the colors we used in Kara’s nursery. Her crib pad (or whatever it was called — the thing that lined her crib) had dusty pink, pale blue, pale yellows, greens and browns. It was a quilt design that we really liked. On the one hand I can’t believe that was 10 years ago and on the other hand I can’t believe that was ONLY 10 years ago! It feels like forever ago.

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