I slept fitfully last night and woke up to a power outage and heavy grey day that soon turned to a heavy, grey rainy day.  My power went out twice this morning, first delaying my ability to make coffee, then stopping me in the middle of a work project and causing major delays as I didn’t want to reboot my computer until I knew it wasn’t going to keep getting zapped.

The dripping wore on me. I slogged through the mud and water to feed my chickens, feeling half awake, as though the fog and haze had taken up residence in my brain.

I needed a nap, some sunshine, some something.

A list of things to be thankful for? In the middle of my brain fog? In the middle of the drip?  You’re asking too much now, friend.

But if it’s too much to be thankful in the middle of the drip, how can I be thankful in the middle of much more major life-rocking events?  How can I practice this if I’m willing to give it up because of a little mud and drip and dark?

#29 Fresh homemade yogurt

#30 Naps with sleepy puppy dogs

#31 Leftovers to be reheated

#32 Google chat :-)

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