Upcycled Candle Holders/Coffee Sack Project #4

What to do with a rainy day, especially when little man is still hanging out, apparently quite comfy in the belly…

A while ago I’d stuffed some taper stubs into some empty wine bottles and decorated my empty side table with them.  I liked the look, but this week decided it could be a bit more… coordinated, or something. Plus this gave me an excuse to play with coffee sack scraps and jute twine (if you’ve just popped in, jute twine is my duck tape, I do all sorts of things with it like make laundry room utensils look cool hanging from command hooks and hang canvases with it and so forth).

Not to much “how to” here… ingredients were burlap scraps, muslin scraps, empty wine bottles, jute twine and ribbon. Oh, and the candles of course.  I hot-glued the twine and burlap into place, burning myself only once. Note: when hot-gluing fabric and twine, don’t use your fingers to press it into the glue, the glue comes right through and burns you 😛 Learn from my mistakes, dear reader, do what I say, not what I do!

I whittled the end of the candles with a sharp knife to make them fit securely in the tops of the wine bottles.

And the decoration around the burlap is just muslin scraps that I shredded the edges of with my fingers before layering with ribbon and tying in place.

Perfect project to fight the strange dark that came over us about 5 pm with the storm!

In other news Mama Raby, a faithful reader, totally made my day today when UPS delivered me these cute wet bags off my Amazon registry.  Thanks, Mama Raby! You rock 😉


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