Simple Art: a Photo Wall Idea

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Okay, what is a mounted art print and what do you do with it? I’m so glad you asked. You see, as it happens, I just ordered 3 mounted 8×10’s for us to start a photo wall going up my stairs.  The photos are professionally printed and mounted on masonite, a thin and light-weight but very stiff and durable.

Of course it doesn’t come with anything to hang the photos on, so this is where we get a little creative… And this probably falls into the category of a photo wall mis-treatment of some sort, but it’s a artsy look for not a huge cost…

I took picture hanging wire and attached it to the back with masking tape. Yup. Masking tape. Now, I like picture hanging wire because it’s multiple small wire strands twisted together making it more flexible and I feel like it straightens out more easily than a thicker wire that’s all one strand.

I taped over each end of the wire, leaving about an inch and a half poking out below the tape. I then bent that back up and twisted it around the wire above the tape to form a loop. Then I took one long piece of tape (the second piece from the top in the above picture) and taped over the loops for more security.  The top piece of tape keeps the picture from hanging forward too much, and the little piece at the bottom is doubled back on itself to keep the bottom from swinging out from the wall (it sticks to both the picture and the wall that way).

I hung them from these little oil-rubbed bronze hooks that I’ve got to find more of because I’m almost all out and they’re so dang handy!

You can sort of see in the pic above how it tilts out from the wall some at the top…

And that’s all there is to it! A simple, artsy way to hang your prints for not a lot of cash, but hey, it’s not all about the money, I like this better than a lot of frames going on… I may frame a few as I go up the wall to mix things up, probably smaller prints, and ideally in old frames from flea markets or antique shops.

But that’s me… What do you like in a photo wall? Are you all black and white prints with tonal black frames marching along? or riotous color and assorted frames? Tell me your ideas for a photo wall :-)

(and did I mention, don’t forget to enter this week’s giveaway? oh, I did say that already? Did you know I have an 8-week old? yes… sleep did you say? I vaguely remember having a relationship with something by that name… I think…)



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