How I made my house bigger



So we have a pretty decent sized living room and this great open floor plan that flows from the living room to the dining room through the kitchen.

And we’ve experimented with several different living room arrangements, the most recent (until today) being the one you see here, with the couch with its back to the dining room.

The reason for this placement was the wall of books on the right, taking up the only real wall that’s not broken up by windows in the whole room.

But no more…

Better right? I broke up the wall of books, placing one shelf on either side of the transition to the dining room.

And moved the couch to the wall so it’s no longer forming a barrier between the rooms.

And moved one of the shelves into the dining room to hold baskets for Eli’s books and things (still in transition, like the pictures on the ottoman in the pics above that need a new home now).

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