The Mommyhood

So it’s been well over 2 months since I posted. I have a four and half month old and a business to run. But, gosh, do I miss blogging! So I’m back. And I started two out of four (well, five if you count this one) sentences with “So” which is boring and evidence that I must need to write more frequently for my own health and grammatical well being.

Anyway, I have actually been up to a few projects and I have a couple of awesome up-cycling things in the works, one of which isn’t baby related, as in you don’t have to make it for a baby, I happen to be making it for Eli’s room, but you wouldn’t have to… make it for Eli’s room that is, unless you want to, but I can’t see him needing more than one.  Rag rug.  Yes, I’m crocheting a rag rug out of sheets, tablecloths and unused stash fabric that was long overdue for a home in a project.  I’m taking pics, and will post a whole how to and how I did it post in a week or so (knock on wood).

And the other project is upcycled and artsy, though baby-related, and I can’t share it cause I’m making one for Eli, but also at least one more for a friend’s baby, so you’ll have to wait till after I give it to them. And I don’t know when that will be.

I know, I’m literally writing a stream of consciousness post and probably none of you are still reading, but hey, this is my blog and this is making me happy.

I’m actually very happy in general.  I love this whole mommy business.  Especially after I came to the realization that motherhood (well parenting too, but I’m a mom, so I’m saying motherhood) is an actual spiritual discipline.

And yes, spiritual disciplines come in handy as well, but the practice of motherhood requires multiple ones a the same time and is in itself a spiritual discipline.  Being a mom requires patience, flexibility, and the ability to pay full attention to one tiny person for sometimes extended periods of time. It involves sitting on the floor watching your baby kick just because it makes him happy to look  up and see you there and to see that you’re paying attention to him.

It requires the disciple of presence, actual undivided presence, an act that is all too often lost to us as we listen to the messages that we should be multi tasking our lives, but I don’t want to multi-task my baby.  I’m committing to times of undivided attention, breastfeeding times being some of them, and then I try to have at least one other time a day when he just gets my whole attention for a while while he plays or we play depending on what mood he’s in.

And I’ve discovered at least most days this gift of presence gives back to me in that it seems to help him feel secure enough in my attention and my willingness to come when he needs me that he is then okay on his own now for some periods of time while I get some other things I have to to done.

More on this later, this post is getting long, but I’m glad to be back, and I look forward to starting to catch up on everyone’s blogs as I can.

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