Any Questions?

On the left we have a yolk from Kroger’s Private Selection “free range” chickens that range in a “pleasant natural environment.”

On the right we have a yolk from my backyard chickens, who are moved regularly onto fresh grass.

Any questions?

5 thoughts on “Any Questions?

    1. Hey Eric, thanks for asking 😉

      The darker yolk is more flavorful and thus more desirable. The darker color is caused by access to actual grass (hence the claim on the egg carton about the “natural” environment is dodgy as that environment can’t have much grass and still produce a yolk that pale). While this doesn’t affect the protein content of the egg, it does seem to affect the micronutrient content of the egg, but either way, darker is better.

      Hope that helps!

  1. I did the same experiment but using an egg from a local farmer. Was so surprised to see the difference! Always buy LOCAL and organic as much as possible!

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