A day in the life of…

Actually, make that a morning in the life of…

Okay, so I’m writing this for me. Don’t read it, it’s not really for you.

That being said, if you’re still reading… stop it! okay fine, you can read, but don’t comment.

It’s not even 10 am.  I sat down around 8:27 to spend an hour on my social network sites, namely facebook and twitter.  Trying to be disciplined and all that jazz, don’t want to get addicted or let it eat my life, yada yada.  My hour went something like:

  • 8:27, look at @ messages and respond.
  • 8:29 let the dogs out of their crates because they’re whining (I do this after breakfast so they don’t mob Eli.  My dogs are sometimes poor listeners.  Mainly when there’s food nearby.)
  • 8:31 return to @ messages and facebook notifications
  • 8:42 let dogs in from outside
  • 8:44 nurse Eli
  • 8:51 sit back at computer
  • 8:52 get up because I forgot to give the dogs breakfast, and they’re telling me all about it.
  • 8:53 sit back at computer
  • 9:02 get back up because dogs who are behind the baby gate in the mudroom eating are done eating and now want out of the mudroom
  • 9:03 sit back at computer and spend 15 minutes unfollowing people who don’t follow me or who have turned out to have annoying feeds or both.  Yes, I do that.
  • 9:18 read some blog posts that I found via twitter and send some tweets
  • 9:32 have the brilliant idea to write a blog post about how hard it is to monitor time spent doing anything.  Start writing said blog post.
  • 9:41 take Eli potty.  Read Barnyard Dance 5 times because he won’t select another book (memo to self, find some more books he likes, hide Barnyard Dance for a while).
  • 9:50 sit down to finish blog post.  See cute son cruising along the bench next to me.  Take 25 pictures on my phone, edit and post to Instagram and facebook (okay, that’s sort of in keeping with my original hour.
  • 10:03 actual time as I type these words… okay 10:04.  Time elapsed since I sat down to spend an hour on twitter: 1 hour and 31 minutes.  Actual time spent on twitter? about 2o minutes maybe? I think I may need to start using a timer to keep me on track.

Why did I write this post you ask?

The real question is, why did you read it?

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    1. Anna

      hehe… it’s a kid thing, right? or just a life thing…

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