Flight of Blue Excerpt

Welcome to A.E. Howard Writes, my new official home on the web.  I’ll be posting occasionally here news, updates, excerpts, and bits and pieces from my own life as a mom, an artist, a gardener, and a constantly behind housekeeper 😉  Here’s the first excerpt from Flight of Blue:

Suddenly, the leaves moved and a faint groan came from underneath the pile. Ellie dropped on her knees next to it and started brushing the leaves back to see what was underneath.

“Be careful! It might bite you.”

“It” turned out to be a rather large possum who turned its head and looked at them when Ellie got all the leaves off it.

“You poor thing! I wish I could help you. Will you bite me?”

“It can’t understand you, you know. Be careful!”

Kai was getting the creeps from this thing actually, as the possum had turned its head first to Ellie when she was speaking, and then back to Kai as he talked as though it was listening to them. He took a step back before he realized what he was doing. The possum turned its head from one to the other again. No blood was visible so it was hard to tell where it was hurt.

Ellie slowly stretched her hand out toward the possum when it opened its mouth…

…and spoke!

“I will not bite you know,” it said crisply, “unless you plan to injure me further.”