An Interview with Ellie Lambert

I sat down with Ellie the other day now that some of the excitement and chaos of the events recorded in Flight of Blue have settled down just a bit for her and her friends.

Kai’s Aunt Ginger dropped her off at a favorite local hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.  She showed up in a emerald green t-shirt, jeans with a big hole in one knee, and black flip-flops.  Her toe-nail polish matched her t-shirt, and her curly hair was giving her ponytail holder a hard time.

We sat down with our drinks, I with my black coffee, she with an iced dirty chai latte.  I noticed her choice of drink and–scrapping my carefully crafted questions for a moment–asked her about it.

Me: So I noticed you got a dirty chai latte. I didn’t think you were the type.

(She deadpanned me at this point)

Ellie: It’s just a shot of espresso in a normal chai latte.

Me: Oh.

(I cleared my throat, and dug around in my bag for a moment looking for the pen that I’d already put on the table).

Ellie: Are you looking for this?

(Hands me my pen).

Me: Oh, er, thanks! Okay, let’s get started.  So, Ellie, tell me, who is the most important person in your life?

Ellie: Hmmm.  It might sound kinda weird, but really, it’s Kai, but we’re not like, you know, together or anything.  He’s just a really great friend, and with my parents always somewhere else, he’s the one who’s always there for me.  His parents are pretty cool and all too.

Me: His parents travel a lot though too, right? Like your parents?

Ellie: Yeah, I guess. Not as much as mine. And when they’re here, they’re like, here. Mine are hardly home even if they’re, you know, sleeping there and all.

Me: What’s one of your favorite things to do?

Ellie: Oh, easy! Read.

Me: Oh yeah? Me too! And, well, write of course, but I guess you knew that.

(That deadpan again, I feel like she might have been holding in a “duh” or something).

Me: So what do you like to read?

Ellie: Well, I love all the original Nancy Drew, I always want to like, solve a mystery and stuff. I think that’d be so cool.  And I like historical fiction too.

Me: Do you ever read any fantasy stories?

Ellie: I love the Chronicles of Narnia, and you know, I’m pretty into Harry Potter, but like, so is everyone.

Me: Any other fantasy?  Like, you know, Flight of Blue?

Ellie: Well, yeah, since you wrote about what happened to me and Kai.  I’ve got to make sure you got it all down right, and didn’t misquote me or anything, or like that one time where you forgot to write what I said for like a whole chapter.

(Sticks out her tongue at me).

Me: I’m sorry, I was having trouble multi-tasking right then, so much was going on.  We fixed it though, right?

Ellie: Yeah, it’s okay now.

(She really has a beautiful smile, and the way her blue eyes light up when she’s happy or excited makes her happiness contagious).

Ellie: What did you just write? Did you write that I stuck my tongue out at you?

Me: Maybe.

(Rolls her eyes at me).

Ellie: Oh you so wrote down the eye roll!

(I couldn’t deny it as she’d stolen my notebook at this point, and there was the words “Eye Roll” plain as day on the page).

Me: (Recovering my notebook). Okay, just a few more basic questions, okay?

Ellie: Sure.

Me: Favorite color?

Ellie: Green, but you know, not too dark, like lighter spring greens to maybe emerald.

Me: Favorite band?

Ellie: The Beatles.

Me: The Beatles?

Ellie: Yeah, they pretty much rock.

Me: Can’t argue with that. Um, how about, favorite food?

Ellie: Mac and Cheese, but like, homemade, not the stuff in the box.  Kai’s Aunt Ginger makes the best one.

Me: Okay, cool deal. Thanks, Ellie!


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