In case you didn’t know… C is for Coffee! Especially when you’ve got small kids 😉

This is a project I did as a gift for a friend, and the best part is, real coffee was used!  The frame is one of those unfinished wooden sign deals from a craft store, Michael’s in this case.  The fabric is a heavy cotton twill, natural colored.  The letters I printed out in brown on cardstock and cut them out with a kraft knife.

To achieve the paint look, I mixed several colors of craft acrylic paint and got the green/blue color.  Then I mixed a metallic silver with white and brushed it on with a stiff brush (as in brush that paint had dried in, so totally inflexible) and my fingers, and then wiped it back off with a paper towel to get that frosted, distressed look.

I did this while my fabric was drying because I had done this to it!

Placed in a 9×13 pan and doused with the remainder of the coffee from that morning’s french press.

I wasn’t getting quite what I wanted, so I added some of the grounds…

Then I just added the rest of them 😉

I then brushed off most of them, and hung it on a clothesline to dry while I did the rest.  When it was completely dry, I used Mod Podge to attach it to the frame, and I just rolled the excess and Mod Podged it a bit too, and then I attached the letters also with Mod Podge (or I might have used artist gel medium, I can’t remember 😛 but either is fine for this).

I brushed a little white paint over the letters and sponged it back off and then, when that had dried, I poured a little coffee over the finished piece to get better random stains.

This post is part of the A to Z blogging challenge.  For more on this series, see the original post here.


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