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DAY #1 of my Book Fair Booth is here! Click here to check it out.

Okay, so I know my blog has gotten very “book” oriented of late, and some of that is just book release fever, I promise! (What you didn’t know I released a novel yesterday? Well, allow me to link you up: book tour | paperback | eBook).

But part of it, and the part I’m about to get to, is that I love to read. I love books. And I’ve realized that no blog of mine is complete without at least a small book section.

So with that in mind, I’m going to post occasional reviews, interviews, and/or author spotlights, but only of books that I have really enjoyed, and thus think that you all might enjoy as well. Specifically, most of the books I’ll be featuring will be from indie authors, although I won’t be leaving out any of my traditionally published friends whose work I enjoy either.

In that vein, I wanted to make you all aware of the Blogger Book Fair coming to Wayfaring Artist over the next 4 days. (Yes, I’m going to post 4 days in a row. Actually if you count this post, and yesterdays launch party post, I’m posting 6 days in a row. Sit down if you need to).

The brainchild of author Kayla Curry, a blogger book fair is the next logical step in a world of virtual launch parties and blog (book) tours.

In this blogger book fair, each blog functions as a “booth” with books, giveaways, and freebies. I’m hosting a giveaway for Flight of Blue as well as hosting three other authors on my site who I think you all are going to enjoy meeting.

The fair runs from the 26th through the 29th. Tomorrow, on Thurs the 26th, I’ll have an exclusive sneak peek from Flight of Blue, a giveaway, and something for free that you can get right away!

Then on Friday the 27th, I’m thrilled to be hosting S.M. Boyce, author of one of my favorite young adult fantasies. I picked up Lichgates a couple of weeks ago, and couldn’t put it down! And I’m waiting with bated breath for the sequel later this year.

On Saturday the 28th I’m hosting new writing buddy Valerie King. Valerie is the author of the novellaGuardian that I’ve started reading and can’t wait to finish, as well as  the novel, The Gift of Fate.

And for the last day, Sunday the 29th, I’m posting my review of my friend Becca J. Campbell’sawesome debut novel, Foreign Identity. I’d tell you how much I liked her book, but then, I’d be spoiling the review post, so you’ll have to wait and see ;-)

Also, as a part of the fair, there is going to be a contest! Flight of Blue has been entered in two categories: Young Adult and Fantasy. You can help spread the word for Flight of Blue by voting for it in both categories when the contest goes live tomorrow! (And don’t worry, I’ll have more linkage for you 😉 ).

DAY #1 of my Book Fair Booth is here! Click here to check it out.

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