Upcycled Child's Apron

I recently upcycled a pair of old blue jeans into a child sized apron.

I don’t have a pattern, I just drew half an apron shape onto some paper I’d taped together, pinned it to my denim and cut from there.


  • Cut the leg(s) off a pair of jeans.
  • Cut off one back-pocket, or one back-pocket shaped piece of denim (the fabric under the pocket works well for that). Decide if you want to stencil your pocket. If not, use the actual pocket as a pocket. If you do want to stencil, use the plain, pocket-shaped fabric. (Or if your pocket has no decorative stitching, then you can just use it either way).
  • Cut off one of the seams, opening up the leg into a flat piece of fabric. I chose the seam that didn’t have top stitching, because I wanted the original top-stitching to show on the finish apron. Depending on the size of your jeans and/or child, you may need to trim the fabric of the legs into rectangles, and stitch together on the long edges to make a wider piece of fabric. Because Eli is so small, I only needed on jeans leg to make a nice toddler apron.
  • Fold fabric in half and pin pattern into place.
  • Cut out apron.
  • Cut 3 1-inch wide strips for the ties and neck strap. Again length depends on size of child, but cut the neck strap 5-6 inches longer than you need right now. We’re going to make this adjustable.
  • Double stitch* a straight-stitch seam (with contrasting thread if desired) around entire apron, leaving about a 1/2 inch between your outer seam and the fabric (This leaves a rough edge as shown in the pics. If you don’t want a rough edge, sew a hem instead).

  •  Double straight stitch across top of pocket.
  • Stitch pocket to apron, double straight stitch. 
  • Stitch around all edges of ties and neck strap. 
  • Stitch 4-5 button holes along one end of neck strap.
  • Stitch waist ties to apron at bottom of the curves on sides.
  • Stitch the neck strap to left top of apron (when looking a the front). 
  • Stitch a button to top right of apron.

  • If desired, add a freezer paper stencil to pocket.

*By “double straight stitch,” I mean two rows of straight stitching. I run one row and then line the edge of my sewing machine foot up on the existing row and run another one right next to it.

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