Friday Fotos

Simple moments are often the best. My instagrams from this week.

He loves to help with whatever I’m doing. Here he is sweeping the driveway to collect pine needles for mulch.

The Good Shepherd and the Sheep. I love this presentation for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd and the children love it too.

This is an art response to the Good Shepherd, done before she’d actually seen the presentation. She was drawn to the work (it was new that week) and she wanted to make a picture of it right away.

Little man shares my love of coffee… He stole my starbucks (black americano, fyi)

…and the next day, his mugs came! So I gave him a little bit to sip from his very own mug. He was so happy. He loves real black coffee. He sips it and says, “Mmm mmm!”

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