This morning I had to call our internet provider about our service. It had gotten very sluggish and my three year old had asked to watch Daniel tiger. I was having a bit of a hectic morning and Daniel tiger sounded like just the thing.

But it wouldn’t stream, the roku couldn’t connect, and so I searched out the customer service number. After going three rounds with the overly polite automated system, I was connected to Charles.

I suspected from the start that was not his real name as the warm rolling tones of the Indian subcontinent greeted my ear. While he ran a few tests on my DSL service, I wondered what it was like to work all the time and be told not to use your real name.

While we waited for my computer to reboot, we chatted about the weather, the time difference, and when seasons change in our respective parts of the globe. He asked me if I’d ever visited India. No, I replied, but I really want to, it’s on my list. We talked about working nights as he sat in his call center at 10:30 at night and I in the snowy sunshine at 10:30 in the morning.

I asked him if it was hard to work under a name that wasn’t his. No, he replied, it’s okay. My name is too big, and I just want to help my customers solve their problems. I really enjoy working with people to solve problems.

He told me I had a great kid after hearing me explain to Eli that I needed to talk on the phone to fix the Internet and I needed him to be quiet. Told me before we got off that he could tell I was a good person, I guess because I had asked him about himself.

Oh, and he fixed my internet issue.

I just wish we could be friends instead of hanging up to never talk again.

Turned my day around.

Charles, wherever you are, with the name and soul too big for your job, thank you. You were totally the grace note on my Thursday.

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