No More Stolen Children Rally

NO MORE Stolen children square

I am one of a group of five main organizers representing four Nashville organizing and activist groups. We are in the final stages of planning a rally for next month to highlight a particular part of the inhumanity and injustice and barbarism that is separating children from their families: namely, we discovered that some of the children have been brought to Nashville under the care of a “Christian” adoption agency that has been known in the past to have adopted out some children that actually had parents. The text from the facebook event is below. Please read and then visit the event page to RSVP if you are in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area!



One of our organizers discovered that children separated from their parents at the border have been brought to Nashville and are in the care of Bethany Christian House, the adoption agency. This raises alarms as separated children in the past have been put up for adoption despite having living parents.

And we can’t help but draw a clear line to the separation, adoption, and boarding school forced on the native and indiginous peoples that European colonizers pushed out of their lands and then committed genocide against not only by actual killing but through the distruction of culture by stealing the children.

We are staging this protest:
1)To demand an end to family separation and family detention as well as an end to deportations of parents without children and vice versa.
2) To demand that Bethany House and other adoption agencies stop using child separation as an excuse to adopt out stolen children. That they reverse their stance and start aiding in reunification.
3) To ask for media attention to return to this issue as this is ongoing and there hasn’t been much if any recent press.
4) To shine a light on and own our history so we can break this cycle in the future.

The event is sponsored by Movements Including X – MIX, Everyday Revolutionaries Tennessee, Women’s March Tennessee – Power Together, and Dream Network

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