Upcycled Child's Apron

I recently upcycled a pair of old blue jeans into a child sized apron.

I don’t have a pattern, I just drew half an apron shape onto some paper I’d taped together, pinned it to my denim and cut from there.


  • Cut the leg(s) off a pair of jeans.
  • Cut off one back-pocket, or one back-pocket shaped piece of denim (the fabric under the pocket works well for that). Decide if you want to stencil your pocket. If not, use the actual pocket as a pocket. If you do want to stencil, use the plain, pocket-shaped fabric. (Or if your pocket has no decorative stitching, then you can just use it either way).
  • Cut off one of the seams, opening up the leg into a flat piece of fabric. I chose the seam that didn’t have top stitching, because I wanted the original top-stitching to show on the finish apron. Depending on the size of your jeans and/or child, you may need to trim the fabric of the legs into rectangles, and stitch together on the long edges to make a wider piece of fabric. Because Eli is so small, I only needed on jeans leg to make a nice toddler apron. Read more

Processing the process

So I have a habit of blogging well for a while, then disappearing all together.

I’ll let you in on a secret.

It’s not just the blogging.  I’ve spent most of my life working in big bursts of creative fire where all sorts of things get done in all sorts of areas and for a while I am super woman.

Or perhaps, I’m Icarus…

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