Standing Desk

Okay, so in the spirit of commandeering things from other places, I evicted my shoes from their home within my closet, and have created half of a standing desk solution…

This is a $10 Closetmaid 24 inch organizer that I like to use as a shoe organizer, until I realized that at just under 12 inches tall, it was exactly the height I needed to raise my computer in order to stand at my desk.  Note, the rug is also coming in handy as it’s a thick wool Pottery Barn rug, and I may order a thicker a rug pad to go under it for even some extra cushioning.  I plan to buy another identical organizer and shift them sideways so that the rough edge doesn’t show, and so the little lip from the side support doesn’t rub my wrists as I type as well as add space for a different solution for the mouse.

This height allows me to push the keyboard closer to the computer and rest my entire forearms on the organizer top, and the super awesome mac keyboard is at a perfect angle to be ergonomically correct without any wrist rests so it should be good for my tendonitis issues as well.  There’s a slight wobble in as I type which is somewhat annoying…  I think the whole thing would be more sturdy if when I add a second organizer, I had a top the fit the whole thing to set over them… not sure… idea in progress anyway 😛 Open to any brilliant suggestions…

Now, to re-home my shoes…

Dream Space: House Tour Part 1

Welcome to my dream space…  My husband and Julia Cameron (The Artist’s Way) convinced me that I needed a space to be, as Husband put it “Anna-ish.” So I stopped feeling bad about taking up a whole room, cleaned it up, and made it how I wanted it.  It was mostly a case of commandeering and repurposing… this room re-do or partial re-do cost me $3.89 and about a day’s worth of cleaning, sorting, organizing, and, did I mention, commandeering? 😛

Here’s the view from the hallway:

Desk and work table:

The rug and pillows I “stole” from the guest room, which since we have guests a couple of weeks out of the year, and I’m in here every day, I figured made perfect sense.  I have two black desk chairs because one of these used to be in my office when I worked elsewhere and I bought another one for the house, and now there’s two… I might replace one of them at some point, but Adelaide likes them cause she matches them, so she might not let me…

Bookcases and other side of the room:

And my idea board and story line tucked into the space in the entrance and behind the door:

The idea board is anything I like that I want to put on the board because you never know where inspiration will come from.  The story line lets me create scenes in my story and then figure out how they should go. I’m tactile, and I prefer to move cards around to simply having, say, a bullet point list on a computer… Plus it gets me up and moving around…  I need some more eye hooks because I think I need more like 4 lines t0 see a decent section of the story at the same time, but it’s just getting started, so there’s space.

I hope you enjoyed the tour… I think I’m going to try to put up a room a week for a while and finish off the house for those of you who’ve never gotten to see it.

This room is one of the bedrooms upstairs. Below is the floor plan of the house, and I’ll color in rooms on the tour as we go 😉  The plan is The Laurel from The Bungalow Company.