Space to spread out

I’ve gotten some questions about some of the ways we’re doing things, so I thought I’d post a few pictures… Eli’s Montessori room with floor bed should finally be done by the end of next week or so (depending on when his futon arrives), and I’ll blog that later.   For now, here’s his movement area play space in the kitchen/dining room area.

As you can see, he needs a bigger movement mat.  I’m working on it. This one is of my design, sewn from upholstery fabric with a couple layers of batting sandwiched between it and the backing and I sewed a small rug pad to the back so that he can scoot on it and it doesn’t bunch too much like a blanket does.  But he’s more mobile now, and I’ve got plans to make one twice the size if I can just get the time!  And I need to repurpose the wine rack part (and get rid of those bottles!) but he’s not THAT mobile just yet…

The play area just happened to work best here. I can access the office and the laundry room without being far from him at all, and as a bonus, I was able to hang toys and the mobile from command hooks on the arch between the rooms. Plus, there was a nice bit of floor away from anything dangerous.  The mobile is art cards from Wee Gallery and a photo mobile to hang them.

The hanging toy is a car seat chime that he hates on his car seat, but likes to bat here… I’m using it in place of the hanging bell toy for all you other Montessori types out there.

The play handkerchiefs you see on the floor are just fabric left over from one of the projects for his room that I hemmed. I got the idea from Magda Gerber’s thought provoking book.

The fold out book is Black & White by Tana Hoban. Eli loves it!

And the inspiration for most of this comes from Montessori from the Start, a book full of good ideas about babies from birth to age 3

We just added a weaning table and chair, built by Earl Linn of Old Country Cabinets from hickory to match our cabinets.  He’s also building us a low shelf and wall shelves for Eli’s room… stay tuned again on that one.

I cleaned out the kitchen island to provide a toy shelf and a book shelf…

The cabinet currently houses the toys that aren’t out in the small basket and a diaper caddy.  When he’s bigger, this will probably hold his own dishes, utensils and table settings.


So folks it’s 9 minutes into Friday June 10th, and I have not one, but TWO giveaways!  The first giveaway is…

drumroll please…

A mounted 8×10 of one of my photographs, winner’s choice, provided there are no people in the picture. So any picture on my blog in those parameters is fair game… I’ll also be posting previously unpublished photos during the week to give the winner more to choose from.

A second winner will receive a free logo design for their company, blog,  personalized monogram, or whatever floats their boat.  For examples of my logo designs and other design work, see my photography and design site, Daily Ikon.

And now, what you’ve been waiting for…

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Little bits of green are poking back up through the fallen leaves, the tops of my daffodils planted last fall are starting to show themselves, and yesterday I cleaned out three of my garden beds to make way for new life.

This gardening cycle never ceases to thrill me, a fact, I guess, which is an indicator that I’ve found something I should be doing. :-)

I’ve ordered my seeds for next year, mostly from Baker Creek this time, with a repeat as close as possible to some awesome plum tomatoes that I got from Johnny’s Seeds last year.  Last year these plum tomatoes, Juliet, did an amazing job producing despite the fact that it was a horrible year for growing most things, and especially tomatoes. I never saw hide nor hair (not that tomatoes have hides and hairs, but you catch my drift…) of one kind I planted, and my heirloom Brandywines produced about 6-8 total all summer, only one of which I actually got to eat (not typical for them, and they are one of my absolute favorite tomatoes ever).

Sadly, Johnny’s was sold out of the Juliet’s when I place my order, so I replaced them with a similar, but this time, organic seed for a plum, the Granadero.  I hope they do as well and taste as good! Most of the Juliet’s never got cooked with, as they were so good for snacking on right out of the garden, or sprinkled with a little sea salt.

I’m doing more perennial flowers this year as I want a lower maintenance garden, and next year, when Eli’s bigger, we’ll expand the garden and re-up our quotient of veggies, but since I was wanting to add some beds for cut flowers anyway, it seemed like good timing.

Change is in the air as my belly expands and Eli gets ready to emerge into the world, swelling me and pushing at his boundaries already, even though he still has almost two months left to develop.

It’s considerably warmer this week, though a temporary warmth as I’m sure it will frost again several times before our frost free date the second half of April, and yet the year has turned and it’s time to prepare anew for the growing season.  Did I mention I love this cycle? It feeds my soul somehow. I highly recommend growing something this year, even if you just want to start with some herbs in pots on a window sill.  I dare you to try it and see if it doesn’t feed your soul somehow to grow just even a small part of your food.