A Whole New World

This is Ella.  Ella is four days old.  The world is a big and unusual place.

She handles all this new-ness by sleeping a lot. I mean a whole new hugemongous universe? it’d wear you out too.  (Doesn’t Husband look good w/ a baby?  And no, she’s not ours. I’d take her though).

And occasionally, the new world makes you a little grumpy.  Especially when you’re still learning how to poop.  I know, little one, pooping is a strange thing (makes you feel better in the long run, so hang in there!)

Sometimes in a big new world, it’s comforting to suck on one’s mittens (hey, I still do that when I get nervous too!)

Meet Ella’s big brother, Dale.  Dale is 4 and a half.

Such a shame this kid has no personality.

This is Molly, Ella’s self-appointed protector.

She’s keeping an eye on the newest member of her pack (me feeding her had nothing to do with her watching me… nothing at all).

Ella’s awesome parents do not appear in these pictures (well, her mom’s sort of in the first one) for reasons of being very tired. Duh. They like, brought a new human into the world this week.

Adventures in Life after the Jump

I sat down in the wee hours of the morning this morning (the ones right after 12) and tried to figure out what this blog is about without limiting it, and yet  I want to tell a complete story in this transition time (and post pics of my cute animals, but hey, it fits!).

I find it helpful to sort of do a stream of consciousness thing and start writing words that come to mind when I’m trying to figure something it.  It’s how I came up with the name for the blog.  I started writing words that I thought described me, and voila! it popped out at me AND the url was available.  Double cool on that count.

Anyway, here’s my stream of consciousness about the blog and what I want to talk about.

Holistic view of life
Creativity, Spirituality,

Exploring a life transition
Understanding life as an artist
Deepening Spirituality

Becoming un-fragmented
De-fragmenting life
Developing a holistic view of life

Making sense of life
(nope, not an over-achiever, why do you ask?  Wait, what’s that, Mom? I am an overachiever? well… uh… so are you! so there! :-))

Journeying to a holistic understanding of what it means be

And then it hit me… Ultimately this blog is about…

Drumroll please….

Adventures in life after the jump.

What does that mean?  It means I want to write posts that fit the following description:
Celebrating life from the day-to-day to the spectacular, and learning how spectacular the day-to-day can be as I live into a transition time and discover not just how to be, but how to live holistically and in balance.

So to start off, I’m giving you the picture of this mornings sweet winter sunrise as viewed off my deck. :-)

Today's Randomness

So did you hear I started a new blog today?  Random, right?

I had a three shoot day which always makes me tired and sort of hyper-observant at the same time.


Playing outside with my dogs despite the 22 degree weather.

Seeing Cormac McCarthy’s “The Road” on the “books for cooks” shelf at Target (my apologies to all of you who have seen the movie or read the book).

Reading Ben Witherington’s excellent take on Downey’s Sherlock Holmes, which I recommend despite the fact that he called Doyle’s lady foil “Irena” Adler instead of “Irene.”  Ben, Ben, what am I going to do with you?

Passing a fairly demure older gal as I was coming out of Target and hearing an award winning burp from the same vicinity (I won’t say it was her, but it sure wasn’t me!).

Having the guy at Starbucks ask me where I was from because I replied “no worries” when he apologized for the wait.

Breaking the “rules” of photography and taking pictures into the sun.

Reveling in the lens flare.

Enjoying the quiet of woods asleep for the winter, bathed in a winter afternoon sunset.