So simple, yet I almost missed it… What to do for the letter “G”? Then the blocks stood out at me, and as I went to spell the word, my son came over to play with me.  So easy to miss, just like their childhoods if we don’t take time to pause every day and just be with them.

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A day in the life of…

Actually, make that a morning in the life of…

Okay, so I’m writing this for me. Don’t read it, it’s not really for you.

That being said, if you’re still reading… stop it! okay fine, you can read, but don’t comment.

It’s not even 10 am.  I sat down around 8:27 to spend an hour on my social network sites, namely facebook and twitter.  Trying to be disciplined and all that jazz, don’t want to get addicted or let it eat my life, yada yada.  My hour went something like:

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Two blog posts, well, really a post and a series, have inspired me to think about limitations.

I heard those groans.

We don’t like limitations.

Physical, financial, time-related or whatever, we chafe at limitations.  We chafe at the clock at work.  Chafe at lack of resources to to what we want, or perhaps what we want as fast as we want.  Chafe at the line at the bank.  Chafe at the laundry.  Chafe at the housecleaning, the meal planning, the meal prep. Chafe at cleaning up the kitchen only to use it all over again in a few hours and clean it up all over again.  Chafe at the dog who wants in only to be let out… and in… all over again (okay, so that one’s all me maybe 😉 ).

Chafe chafe chafe.

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