No More Stolen Children Rally

NO MORE Stolen children square

I am one of a group of five main organizers representing four Nashville organizing and activist groups. We are in the final stages of planning a rally for next month to highlight a particular part of the inhumanity and injustice and barbarism that is separating children from their families: namely, we discovered that some of the children have been brought to Nashville under the care of a “Christian” adoption agency that has been known in the past to have adopted out some children that actually had parents. The text from the facebook event is below. Please read and then visit the event page to RSVP if you are in the Nashville or Middle Tennessee area!



One of our organizers discovered that children separated from their parents at the border have been brought to Nashville and are in the care of Bethany Christian House, the adoption agency. This raises alarms as separated children in the past have been put up for adoption despite having living parents.

And we can’t help but draw a clear line to the separation, adoption, and boarding school forced on the native and indiginous peoples that European colonizers pushed out of their lands and then committed genocide against not only by actual killing but through the distruction of culture by stealing the children.

We are staging this protest:
1)To demand an end to family separation and family detention as well as an end to deportations of parents without children and vice versa.
2) To demand that Bethany House and other adoption agencies stop using child separation as an excuse to adopt out stolen children. That they reverse their stance and start aiding in reunification.
3) To ask for media attention to return to this issue as this is ongoing and there hasn’t been much if any recent press.
4) To shine a light on and own our history so we can break this cycle in the future.

The event is sponsored by Movements Including X – MIX, Everyday Revolutionaries Tennessee, Women’s March Tennessee – Power Together, and Dream Network

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What do you do when the world is on fire?

IMG_0280What do you do when the world is on fire?

Of all the stories I’ve ever read, I never imagined living through this particular one. And the middle of the story is where all the darkness and confusion is, and it would be all too easy to give up in the face of overwhelming darkness. I mean, the odds look bad, the risk looks big, and how much can one person do anyway?

I feel the pain of these days in my body. The tensions I don’t realize I’m holding until I have muscle spasms, the tears that are readily available for almost anything because my heart feels like it’s breaking all the time.

I feel the fear of these days nipping at my heels. The violence rendered by some who have been radicalized and feel it is their right to steal the lives of others on a whim to spread terror and to dishearten those in the fight to protect the most vulnerable among us.

I feel it, dear ones, and I know you feel it too.

The world is on fire, literally and figuratively, and it all feels too big and it would be oh so easy to give up hope. Or for those of us with privilege, we could withdraw into our respective spheres and hope the fire doesn’t reach us. Hope that someone else will sort all this out and we and our families will be okay.

But I have news for you, beloved. This fire will leave no one untouched. For if we choose to shrink from it into our own spheres and hope for the best, let someone else sort it out, then the fire will have stolen part of our humanity from us. It will leave us a partial imprint of our former shells, a shallow soul who’s lost the empathy that keeps us all looking out for our neighbors.

So what do you do when the world is on fire?

Grab a bucket.

If we all grab some kind of bucket–no matter how small–every day, we can fight this fire together. I truly believe that.

Everyone’s bucket might look different, everyone’s capacity is different, and that is okay. The important part is that we all do something.

And don’t let yourselves get isolated. We have to hold onto each other now and in the days ahead for I’ve read too many of these stories and they tend to get worse before they get better. You cross Mordor and you still have to climb Mt. Doom. You’ve destroyed all the horcruxes only to discover there’s one more. You go back triumphant to the Shire and discover it’s still overrun by orcs that have to be driven out before you can truly live in peace.

But “even the smallest person can change the course of history,” and “all we have to decide what to do with the time that is given us.”

So grab a bucket, grab your people, and move forward, one step, one day at a time.

Children’s art display

  I’ve been wanting a way for the kids to display their artwork, so when I scored this big empty frame with basically a built in shelf, I knew I finally had what I needed.
  I mod podged coffee filters onto the frame because it was damaged. Then I painted the coffee filters.   

Then I stapled a bunch of twine to the back, criss-crossing it until I liked the design and then Eli made me add more :-)

 Added some mini clothespins and we were in business!

  It’s hanging on two command hooks because it’s not heavy and this way if they pull it off the wall there’s no nails to go flying. I used hooks instead of strips because a) I wasn’t sure if they’d just pull the coffee filters off the back and b) I’m out of strips, I had hooks, and I’m not terribly patient 😉