In addition to being a contributing writer for Earth & Altar and writing occasional articles elswhere, I’m pleased to say the my book, Inward Apocalypse: Uncovering a Faith for the Common Good is now coming soon with Resource Publications, an imprint of Wipf and Stock. Release date is August 15, 2022!

You can buy the book here

For over a year, I had a similar conversation over and over. Someone would say to me, “I don’t identify as a Christian anymore, but I wish I could still believe in God.” The reasons they left the church were varied, but all of them were left because they’d been taught they had to believe something that broke their heart. Inward Apocalypse is written for those people and for those who need to dive beneath the surface of their faith to find inspiration for their work in the world.

Combining personal narrative with cultural reflections and theological implications, Inward Apocalypse harnesses the power of story to connect across human experience and leads the reader to uncovering a faith they can still believe in: a faith that is working for the mutual thriving of everyone. 

If we take the greatest commandment to love God and love your neighbor as the heart of everything we do, then we begin to see how everything we believe has to come back to that. This means that everything from how we practice communion to our beliefs about eschatology have profound implications for our practice.  Inward Apocalypse leads us from the personal to the collective, from deconstruction to embodiment, and from personal salvation to a faith for the common good. 


Poisoned Bible Project: This project is underway. I’ve been collecting a list of the passages that people find the most personally problematic–texts that trigger trauma from past exposure to toxic theology and spiritual abuse. The goal is to find antidotes to the poisoned texts by reclaiming the heart of Scripture and seeing how the texts in question fit into God’s arcs of justice and restoration. To read the existing episodes subscribe to my newsletter here.

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