A Whole New World

This is Ella.  Ella is four days old.  The world is a big and unusual place.

She handles all this new-ness by sleeping a lot. I mean a whole new hugemongous universe? it’d wear you out too.  (Doesn’t Husband look good w/ a baby?  And no, she’s not ours. I’d take her though).

And occasionally, the new world makes you a little grumpy.  Especially when you’re still learning how to poop.  I know, little one, pooping is a strange thing (makes you feel better in the long run, so hang in there!)

Sometimes in a big new world, it’s comforting to suck on one’s mittens (hey, I still do that when I get nervous too!)

Meet Ella’s big brother, Dale.  Dale is 4 and a half.

Such a shame this kid has no personality.

This is Molly, Ella’s self-appointed protector.

She’s keeping an eye on the newest member of her pack (me feeding her had nothing to do with her watching me… nothing at all).

Ella’s awesome parents do not appear in these pictures (well, her mom’s sort of in the first one) for reasons of being very tired. Duh. They like, brought a new human into the world this week.

In the meantime… How I met my Husband Part 2

“So, I just had the most amazing conversation with this guy who reads my blog,” says I, thoughtfully chewing on a sandwich at the Lovebirds Cafe in Pasadena.  I was eating lunch with my friend Joanne on a break from classes at Fuller.

“Really?  What’d you talk about?”



Me.  “We talked for like 2 hours, do you think it means anything?”

Joanne, “Well, it was about theology… I don’t know.  Too soon to tell, let me know if you talk again!”

Munch, munch, munch.

“I haven’t actually seen him online for a couple of days, so who knows…”

Of course the name of the restaurant we managed to go to that day wasn’t helping with the whole, love is in the air thing I had going on in my head (okay, so it wasn’t love yet, but I was at least crushing, k?).

Turns out he had left school to go to a convention (which, was on that Friday and Saturday, I’m not sure why he wasn’t on Wednesday and Thurs either, but who knows).

But then Sunday afternoon, his name popped up in my chat window! He was back, and he wanted to talk!

Me seeing him online had nothing to do with the fact that I had an alarm set to tell me when he came back, and then when it did go off, me sitting there chanting “message me, message me, come on, you know you want to.”  A case for subliminal influencing 2,115 miles away? I guess we’ll never know…

Have you seen part one? Don’t miss it!  Let me not to the marriage of two blogs… How I met my husband Part 1

9 amazing posts from people who are not me

(*raises left hand and puts right hand on the Bible.  I solemnly swear not to write a list post tomorrow. BUT, give me a break. This is a blog round-up… way different! Okay, so it still has a number in the title… and it’s a list.. okay, so it’s not that different.  I’ll write something random tomorrow. yes, I know I said that yesterday, but trust me, list posts are too orderly, and I can’t stay orderly for long!)

1. Even if you don’t care much about photography, you can appreciate this video from Joe McNally, awesome photographer and funny funny man.  His book The Hot Shoe Diaries taught me so much about working with wireless flashes.  Here he is confessing his photography sins. I’m guilty of using my LCD screen to determine exposure too.

2. One of my old-time blog buddies Darren Rowse went big time (Darren! I’ve been blogging as long as you, where are my thousands of hits and six-figure income!?!? What’s that, I have to be consistent?  Consistent… can you define that for me?) and now he blogs about blogging.  I found this post of links (27 Must Read Tips and Tutorials for Bloggers he collected from other big bloggers on blogging (Say that three times really fast, bet you can’t) very helpful reading.

3. The Randomly Cool Award goes to…. Pioneer Woman! Hands down one of my favorite bloggers. And, bonus, she’s a photog too :-)  She almost always has lots of funny pictures to tell her stories with. Here’s a recent post from here on Cold Cows.

4. A theme close to my heart is simplification (because my brain can’t handle to much complexity all at once! Give me little words people, just cause I use big ‘uns doesn’t mean I know what they mean!) But what does it mean to simplify?  Some folks have gone totally off the grid and now live in one-room solar powered shacks (er, I mean, deluxe mini-cabins) with composting toilets and no showers (Seriously this one dude I read about showers at his gym, after he rides his bike there… how does he get home un-sweaty? I don’t know, but maybe he just figures he’s not accumulating multiple days worth of  sweat…)  Anyway, the post at Choosing Voluntary Simplicity has a good balance and some thoughts for both those who have too much and those who become obsessed with too little.  Check it out.

5. Anyone out there with a digital camera? What? you ALL have digital cameras?

What’s that? oh, they’re on your phones. Well that counts.  Digital Photography School has a weekend challenge to re-create a famous portrait.  If you recreate Annie Lebowitz’s portrait of John Lennon and Yoko Ono, I want to know how you have the pull to get Lennon to come back from the dead to pose for you, though.

(Bonus link!  Need inspiration on using just your camera phone? Photographer Chase Jarvis has a new book on photography with just his iPhone camera called The Best Camera is the One That’s with You.)

6. Switching gears a little, my friend Kelly has been writing a very candid blog on dealing with post-partum depression among other things.  She just had her second child, and is working through all the changes that come along with that.  Check out her latest post here.

7. As a youth minister, I can’t resist this post from my buddy Gavin, interacting with a Rob Bell interview on youth ministry.  I particularly loved this quote, because I’ve been saying this for years (Rob! dang you and your famous self for stealing my line!

The dominant paradigm in churches is production, not discipleship. It’s about how to keep kids coming—how are the numbers? In the gospels, whenever there were large crowds, Jesus gave a difficult teaching that thinned out the crowd.

8. Sort of a double link here (no, that doesn’t count as two numbers… I like 9 total for today, so it doesn’t count! okay?)  My friend and fellow youth minister (and artistic soul), Holly, has linked to a really cool Epiphany prayer.  Check it out here.

9. French Toast Girl!  Amazing artist. Love her work. This is one of her latest pieces, Lambey, that was commissioned as a Christmas gift by a friend of hers.  It depicts Lambey, the favorite stuffed animal of the friend’s little girl.  I love it!

HEY BLOGGERS! This blog round-up’s going to be weekly Saturday thing… Got a post you want link-loved?  Leave me the link to your post in the comments to this one and if it’s RELEVANT to my blog content, I *may* feature it in next week’s round up.

*DISCLAIMER: If you don’t know what’s relevant to my blog, read this post to find out what I talk about.  If you still post an irrelevant link, I might post it, but I’ll write ridiculing comments about it.  You don’t want my ridicule. Trust me.