A good weekend

Beauregard.  Some would call him a snow man, but Beauregard prefers “ice knight.” (and listen to him cause he has a lance).

It’s the little things that make me happy… picture like this are like taking a deep breath and remembering, no, seeking out the beauty in the world.

Baking feeds my soul, and bonus! feeds my body too.  I was in a baking mood today so I made chocolate chip scones.

And a ricotta loaf.  Haven’t tried it yet, so I’ll let you know how it goes when it cools enough to cut it.

Waiting for the Ricotta loaf to finish baking… here’s my scone, some coffee, and some Ursula LeGuin, good stuff.

some kitty on some kitty business (does she know she’s being shadowed by her shadow? gasp!)

The joy of being alive… we biped types should take notes.

Snowed in

What’s she looking at so disapprovingly?

Ah, her canine siblings are wrestling.

Sometimes they drive her straight up a wall. er… post.

I’m not sure why the grounds all soft and cold… it sinks when I put my paws on it.

Are you kidding? this is awesome!!!


OW! LACEY!!! What the *!$%… $%*# (normally I’d tell him to watch his mouth, but Lacey can be a little annoying with the whole leg biting thing…)

Iz happy climbing trees, now, k? (Sometimes she likes to try talking like a LOLcat)

What are they doing now???

Yeah, I’d look dubious too, Adelaide.

Comin’ through!!

LACEY! Enough with the leg biting already! (see what I mean?)

I said enuff nom nom nom

I’m telling you she doesn’t quit

I’m gonna get you, grrrrrrrooowwwlll!!! (note, they said this almost simultaneously, as the picture shows)


Note: no dogs were physically harmed during the making of this post, the psychological damage from the continued scorn of their feline sister however, is yet to be determined (she sleeps with them at night though).

My 200 Bosses

So, I’m categorized as “self-employed” but what exactly does that mean?

Let’s see, I’m in charge of everything from scheduling, to contracts, to the shoot itself to follow-up, and of course, that cycle of importing-reducing-editing-teasing-designing CD labels-burning CD’s-packaging-mailing…  I do the branding, customer service, print orders, and framing.

Make that I’m in charge of everything.

‘Nuff said.

(who’s nuff anyway? doesn’t really matter, nuff says I’m in charge, so there! But wait, I don’t want to be in charge… who said I was in charge? Dangit, nuff, quit talking!)

I’ve been told that being self-employed means I get to loaf, slack off, and that I have a lot of extra time to do whatever I want, but you know, I’m still trying to find that time I’ve been told about.  I’ve looked all over.  I’ll admit before I was featured on Groupon that I did have more time, and kicked back some (emphasis on some).

But lately, when I’ve had any time, I’ve been hunting for spare time… I thought at first this mysterious concept might be hiding in the couch cushions like spare change, but all I discovered was that my couch has a hole in it, and that my camera cord had fallen into the chair, but no spare time (or change, dangit!).

Then I thought if I could just get caught up on client orders (that never ending cycle of importing-reducing-editing-teasing-designing CD labels-burning CD’s-packaging-mailing), and then design my new brochures, then I might be able to find the spare time. But, no, somehow that cycle right now is like a rinse and repeat with no instructions on when to stop…

So what are some main differences between being self-employed and working for someone else?

Well, let’s see, I don’t have a boss… But since I work for each and every client, I really have like over 200 bosses.  Makes me slightly schizo, but you know, it’s cool.

Here’s a peak inside my operation…

This is my work room in the middle of CD production. (and chatting on Facebook, but hey, I was burning a CD at the time…)

Here’s a close-up of my contract binder… No, it’s not what makes the contracts binding, it simply holds them for me so I can find them when I need them.

CD’s all tucked snugly into their tins and ready to be packaged and mailed. Thank you cards that I print with my logo and font.  10% off coupons that go in with the product.  Mini business cards for a Senior Portrait promotion.  And by business cards (although they’re sort of hiding behind my watermark, but oh well, you get the idea).  The boxes in the back are frames for a client’s photo wall.

Granted, I should have some more time as these processes get improved for handling this larger volume better, but the last couple of weeks… I’ve been so tired that me typng has gotene all muddsed up, and is beenm hardererr to udnderstnad me whne I’m rtklgin because sometimes in the mdlle sof endtences I just…