Queen Adelaide Goldeneyes

I’m celebrating my cat today because she’s awesome, and partly because I’d wished last week that I had better recent pics of Sebas before he left us.  And don’t worry, Adelaide’s fine, it’s just that since I’ve posted pics where you got to know the dogs better, she insisted she get a post all to herself. So here goes.

Hi! I’m Adelaide. My biped mom is writing this post for me, because I insisted that I wasn’t getting enough attention, and look at me why don’t you, with looks like these, I should get lots and lots of attention.  And yes, I am Queen Adelaide Goldeneyes of Havenknoll and the all the surrounding lands.  Don’t you forget it!

Who is this that enters my domain with that big black clicky thing?  And why are you pointing it at me?

Hark what is that that flys above my head? Can I eat it? should I bat it?

Yes, look at me, love me, but you can’t have me. I’m reasonably content with the service of my current biped housemates.  They do open the door for me most of the time when I ask.

Fear me, you bouncy ball thing!

Now love me all you people who read my biped mom’s blog.  I demand it! (remember the fearsome side as you look at all this beauty… loving me is the wisest course). But look only, do not touch.

Anna here: all comments on this post should be addressed to her Majesty Queen Adelaide Goldeneyes. Let’s not upset her now…

Get 'em up, move 'em out… blog round-up!

Okay folks, here’s some fun link lovin’ for the blogs I’ve trapped in my round-up corral this week… shhhh, settle down there bloggies, I’ll let you go… maybe… muahahaha.

Chera at Memoirs of a Vagabond has posted some good thoughts on the whole health care situation we’ve got going on right now, and from the perspective of someone living with Rheumatoid Arthritis in her twenties.  Check out Radical Health Care.

Mark, who is one of the owners of the farm where Husband and I have a CSA share, blogs at Old Farmer Mark and frequently posts his poems and song lyrics, check out his recent post: Life before death.

Rachel over at Mixed Things posts on a variety of interesting topics as you might guess from her blog title.  She recently posted a disturbing amusing post on plastic surgeries gone wrong… it’s more than Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers, folks, and it’s scary.

Shirley is blogging about her adventures in cooking for her kids.  And she posted a recipe for a spinach burger that I have to try sometime.  I mean spinach, in a burger… what’s not to love (yes, I’m a spinach addict, stop calling me Popeye already!)

And last, but certainly not least, a post from the Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus, which if you haven’t checked out, you must.  don’t ask, just go look.  Here’s one from last month:

Fun, fun, fun… and the aftermath

Help! My calendar is over-full and driving me insane.

What’s that you say?  I’m in charge of my calendar?  Really?

Dang, I knew I was missing something…

Ah well.

Okay, for all of you who were waiting with bated breath, the dinner party was a great success. (or, at least everyone wrote nice things in my guest book, so I’m going with what they said… It is a sin to lie in a guest book right? That’s what I thought).

So, now that I’ve done it, some tips about how I did it, and what I would have done differently.  I learned a long time ago that if you learn to plan for a bunch of people, you can easily do fewer people also, so even if you don’t plan to have 15 people for dinner, this sort of plan can help for 4 (or, at least, that’s what I think, but hey, it’s my blog, so we’re going with what I think.  You can yell at me in the comments).

I started shopping for this party the week before to make sure I had enough glasses and such for everyone.  I posted pics of the catering sets the last time, and those were seriously a life saver.

The menu was finalized and the grocery list written on Monday.  I also started the focaccia dough on Monday night and left it to rise in the fridge over night (if I said that before, I’m sorry, I’m sleep deprived, and don’t feel like re-reading my last post for continuity, so there).  Tuesday, Jody made the Five Spice Pork and I made the Panna Cotta and set it to chill, and cooked the wither fruit compote, strained off it’s syrup and reduced it, and put both the syrup and the fruit in the fridge (separately).

The DAY of, all we did was finalize cleaning (dusting, vacuuming and mopping), but really all we did was move our regular cleaning up two days. The house was pretty much already in order (it does stay like that sometimes!), so that really helped. I roasted the pears for the salad, made the onion tart dough and refrigerated it while gently cooking the onions until soft and juicy (cleaning while things were cooking) and then baked the tarts (cleaned while tarts were baking).

The menu, grocery shopping, and the three day schedule was what kept this from becoming too stressful, still dinner for 15 (17 w/ Husband and I!) is quite the production…

I mean, holy cow! that’s a lot of silver…

Pretty tho…

what’s that? you don’t want to look at 20 pics of silverware?  Sheesh… it was only three! such exaggeration.  Besides, I polished that all by hand. ALL BY HAND! 18 place settings x 5 pieces in each setting = 90 pieces of silver.  That’s more than Judas got from the Pharisees (correction from the Husband, it was the Sadducees… My mistake makes me sad, you see?)… anyway, it’s A LOT of silver, okay?

Fine, I’ll give you a different picture.

Pears for the salad.

People having fun conversations.  Husband is listening intently to Serena. Isn’t the back of Serena’s head lovely?


Jody’s Tom Yum Soup is simmering away on the stove…

Wine, water and baked brie

This is John. John’s from England. You can almost see his accent in this picture.

This is George and Adam listening to John.  George is from Oz and Adam’s from Tennesee.  Adam’s wondering how in a dinner party of 17 he’s got the job of deciphering two different accents from two different characters (George brought his own tea, not convinced that this yank would have proper tea… sheesh, George, I have freakin’ Lipton already! No, I’m not forgiving you for that).

Jody’s got glow-bugs on the back of his arm? Should I tell him?

Warren (far end) is more interested in posing for the camera then listening to Joanne (middle).  Pay attention Warren!

Too  bad Adam and Kim aren’t having fun… (sorry I cut your head in half, Adam).

Steve was full of funny stories…

My candle scapes. You will like them because this is my blog.

And of course, the kitchen afterwards… yes it needs cleaning, no there won’t be another contest about cleaning it, and believe it or not because I didn’t have time to post right away, the kitchen is more or less cleaned up despite not actually being home the last two days.

Except for all that silverware… It’s still soaking in a pan on the counter… ah well.