Get 'em up, move 'em out… blog round-up!

Okay folks, here’s some fun link lovin’ for the blogs I’ve trapped in my round-up corral this week… shhhh, settle down there bloggies, I’ll let you go… maybe… muahahaha.

Chera at Memoirs of a Vagabond has posted some good thoughts on the whole health care situation we’ve got going on right now, and from the perspective of someone living with Rheumatoid Arthritis in her twenties.  Check out Radical Health Care.

Mark, who is one of the owners of the farm where Husband and I have a CSA share, blogs at Old Farmer Mark and frequently posts his poems and song lyrics, check out his recent post: Life before death.

Rachel over at Mixed Things posts on a variety of interesting topics as you might guess from her blog title.  She recently posted a disturbing amusing post on plastic surgeries gone wrong… it’s more than Michael Jackson and Kenny Rogers, folks, and it’s scary.

Shirley is blogging about her adventures in cooking for her kids.  And she posted a recipe for a spinach burger that I have to try sometime.  I mean spinach, in a burger… what’s not to love (yes, I’m a spinach addict, stop calling me Popeye already!)

And last, but certainly not least, a post from the Ongoing Adventures of ASBO Jesus, which if you haven’t checked out, you must.  don’t ask, just go look.  Here’s one from last month:

Back in the Saddle

Okay, folks, back in the blogging saddle I am.  (Yoda influences me, he does. I also hear potential for one of those jingles from those old black and white cowboy movies I used to watch with my dad and brother on Saturday mornings when I was a wee bit… I’ve got words that jingle, jangle, jingle as I go blogging merrily along…)

Anyway, I know I sort of skipping my promised weekend offerings like the Saturday Blog Round-up and the continuation of how Husband and I met.  Don’t worry, they’ll come around again.  All of you who wanted to be featured in a blog round-up, I’ll get you in on Saturday, and the rest of you, take a deep breath.

Okay, now you can hold it again if you want because you’re just going to have to wait until Sunday for part three, partly because I’m writing this as I go along, and I’m still beat after the craziness of the last couple of weeks and am feeling less creative and I like bringing my peak creativity to that story whenever possible 😉 (Now, THAT was a run-on sentence!)

Enough on why I’ve skipped blogging this weekend.  After all, in the world of self-revelatory blogging you’ve had lots of Anna info this weekend.  Clearly I not only cry my eyes out over the loss of one of my fuzzies, but it also renders me incapable of blogging for several days, and without a blow-by-blow detail of how I felt about THAT all weekend, I did find some comfort in a photo walk on Saturday.  These are little reminders of beauty in a broken world, and I thought I’d share my discoveries with you.  (and I realize I’ve made no mention of the earthquake in Haiti.  It’s not that I’m putting the death of my cat over the loss of all of those people, it’s just, what do you say about a tragedy of that magnitude?  Go donate to one of the aid organizations that you trust, and pray for all the folks all over who’ve been affected).

Okay, so now you’ve figured out that I like moss… Especially after it rains, it’s so pretty and bright :-)  But it’s not like, you know,  a fetish or anything.  Taking pictures of random stuff that people hang in trees on the other hand, definitely has picture series possibilities…

Caption contest anyone? just for fun, now, I can’t give away more than one prize every couple of weeks 😉

Life is a long conversation

I’ve had a couple people ask me recently how to build traffic and readers on their blogs.  So for some of you who are new-ish to the blogging world, and since this is something I’ve spent a pretty good amount of time on lately myself, here are two new blog and conversation tools I’ve discovered recently.

New favorite tool: from Stumble Upon (pronounced “super”).

This tool lets you update both your twitter and your facebook status with a shortened url that simultaneously pings Stumble Upon.  You can then “thumb up” your post and write a review so people know what it’s about.  This tool was designed by the Stumble developers to help people get more traffic.  And you can feed your blog feed to and it will update your twitter automatically.  Plus, you can schedule tweets and status updates based on the powerful analytics that places at your disposal that not only show you clicks in real time, but also recommended posting times based on traffic to your Stumbles.  Gotta love it right?

Click on the small screen shot of the dashboard below for a bigger version.

Cool new search engine: Topsy, powered by tweets.

Topsy’s about page says that they view the web not as a series of pages but as a series of conversations. (which makes me want to sing Josh Joplin “Life is a long conversation…”). Because of this view, they search your terms based on what people are linking to in their twitter statuses.  And they have a tweet plugin for wordpress and buttons for your website that will count tweets much like the TweetMeme button, but in my experience with both, Topsy’s button works better.  It has the ability to do an @ response to your twitter username when people click to tweet or retweet your post, and it trackback pings your post when there’s people talking about it on twitter, sending you to the page were you can see all the tweets. And to top it all off, you can change the colors of the button, right in the plugin settings.  How cool is that?