An Interview with Ellie Lambert

I sat down with Ellie the other day now that some of the excitement and chaos of the events recorded in Flight of Blue have settled down just a bit for her and her friends.

Kai’s Aunt Ginger dropped her off at a favorite local hole-in-the-wall coffee shop.  She showed up in a emerald green t-shirt, jeans with a big hole in one knee, and black flip-flops.  Her toe-nail polish matched her t-shirt, and her curly hair was giving her ponytail holder a hard time.

We sat down with our drinks, I with my black coffee, she with an iced dirty chai latte.  I noticed her choice of drink and–scrapping my carefully crafted questions for a moment–asked her about it.

Me: So I noticed you got a dirty chai latte. I didn’t think you were the type.

(She deadpanned me at this point)

Ellie: It’s just a shot of espresso in a normal chai latte.

Me: Oh.

(I cleared my throat, and dug around in my bag for a moment looking for the pen that I’d already put on the table).

Ellie: Are you looking for this?

(Hands me my pen).

Me: Oh, er, thanks! Okay, let’s get started.  So, Ellie, tell me, who is the most important person in your life? Read more

Flight of Blue Excerpt

Welcome to A.E. Howard Writes, my new official home on the web.  I’ll be posting occasionally here news, updates, excerpts, and bits and pieces from my own life as a mom, an artist, a gardener, and a constantly behind housekeeper 😉  Here’s the first excerpt from Flight of Blue:

Suddenly, the leaves moved and a faint groan came from underneath the pile. Ellie dropped on her knees next to it and started brushing the leaves back to see what was underneath.

“Be careful! It might bite you.”

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