In the meantime… How I met my Husband Part 2

“So, I just had the most amazing conversation with this guy who reads my blog,” says I, thoughtfully chewing on a sandwich at the Lovebirds Cafe in Pasadena.  I was eating lunch with my friend Joanne on a break from classes at Fuller.

“Really?  What’d you talk about?”



Me.  “We talked for like 2 hours, do you think it means anything?”

Joanne, “Well, it was about theology… I don’t know.  Too soon to tell, let me know if you talk again!”

Munch, munch, munch.

“I haven’t actually seen him online for a couple of days, so who knows…”

Of course the name of the restaurant we managed to go to that day wasn’t helping with the whole, love is in the air thing I had going on in my head (okay, so it wasn’t love yet, but I was at least crushing, k?).

Turns out he had left school to go to a convention (which, was on that Friday and Saturday, I’m not sure why he wasn’t on Wednesday and Thurs either, but who knows).

But then Sunday afternoon, his name popped up in my chat window! He was back, and he wanted to talk!

Me seeing him online had nothing to do with the fact that I had an alarm set to tell me when he came back, and then when it did go off, me sitting there chanting “message me, message me, come on, you know you want to.”  A case for subliminal influencing 2,115 miles away? I guess we’ll never know…

Have you seen part one? Don’t miss it!  Let me not to the marriage of two blogs… How I met my husband Part 1

Let me not to the marriage of two blogs… How I met my husband part 1

I’ve been inspired by a new favorite blog of mine to tell the story of how my husband and I met here on my blog. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for a while, since the truth of the matter is, I owe my blog a deep debt of gratitude for finding my husband.

If you’ve been reading my blog for any time at all (like gavin), you’ll know that my husband and I both keep blogs. Mine, well, that’s what you’re reading (*gasp* I know) and Jody (my husband) is Quo Vadis, a blog he’s been keeping for at least as long as I’ve been blogging (at deepsoil or in one of deepsoil’s incarnations as a blogger blog, a typepad blog, a wordpress self-hosted blog, and now Wayfaring Artist).

But what most of you don’t know (cue strings and waltzes) is the roll that our blogs had in bringing us together.

One night in January of 2005, I was bored and going through my stats to see who was linking to me. Now, I do have to be somewhat bored to actually go check links, especially as this was a time when I got a lot more traffic than I do now. And I found a link to this blog that I didn’t recognize, and headed over. It was Jody’s, albeit then a blogger blog, and he had posted on something I found interesting, plus when I clicked on his blogger profile I found a pic of him with eyes that absolutely made me melt, but when I decided to im him to discuss his blog post, it had nothing to do with the whole melting thing… Really, it was just an intellectual interest in a topic we’d both been researching.

So we talked via instant message and after we got off two hours later, I was sort of reeling with the fantastic conversation we’d just had. But I didn’t want to read anything into it, and all, so I figured I just wait and see what happened.

He didn’t get on line again for four days…

(to be continued)

In the meantime… How I met my husband Part 2

*originally published in February 2008.  I’m bringing it onto this blog because I intend to actually finish the story over the next couple of months 😉