Snowed in

What’s she looking at so disapprovingly?

Ah, her canine siblings are wrestling.

Sometimes they drive her straight up a wall. er… post.

I’m not sure why the grounds all soft and cold… it sinks when I put my paws on it.

Are you kidding? this is awesome!!!


OW! LACEY!!! What the *!$%… $%*# (normally I’d tell him to watch his mouth, but Lacey can be a little annoying with the whole leg biting thing…)

Iz happy climbing trees, now, k? (Sometimes she likes to try talking like a LOLcat)

What are they doing now???

Yeah, I’d look dubious too, Adelaide.

Comin’ through!!

LACEY! Enough with the leg biting already! (see what I mean?)

I said enuff nom nom nom

I’m telling you she doesn’t quit

I’m gonna get you, grrrrrrrooowwwlll!!! (note, they said this almost simultaneously, as the picture shows)


Note: no dogs were physically harmed during the making of this post, the psychological damage from the continued scorn of their feline sister however, is yet to be determined (she sleeps with them at night though).

Let it snow, let it snow, let it… woof?

Twas a snow day at Havenknoll
And all through the house
My fuzzies were sleeping
and couldn’t be roused

(okay so Lacey was more like a little kid that kept looking out the windows)

(and not wanting her pics taken)

(and Adelaide was more interested in purring at the birds, but hey, I’m trying to rhyme here! and no this pic isn’t upside-down)

Their paws were all curled up
To keep them all warm
While I spread some bird seed
and fed birds in the storm.

(I love the Tufted Titmouse’s little mohawk!)

And then Otto decided he had to check out a noise, and it turned out to be one of my neighbors 4-wheeling in the snow, so then he had to go bark at the neighbor to make him (or her, whoever was so bundled, I couldn’t tell who it was) go away.

See his hackles?

Get off my property!!!

Mo-om, why won’t you come bark with us?!?


yeah, they totally weren’t feeling my poem and snow day coziness. *sigh*