A place for everything and…

… for the life of me I can never remember that second part…  “A place for everything and… what?”

Ah well.  My problem isn’t that I don’t have a place for everything.  It’s that I have a place, but then I take it out of the place, and then I put something else in that place, and then I can’t remember if the place is for the first thing or the second thing.  This goes on in my pantry a lot with the rice cooker and the crock pot.

I need some sort of order to work in, so when my work room got cluttered, I decided to move downstairs for a while… now the downstairs is cluttered.

I did a lot of contemplating cleaning today.  If only contemplating were dusting, my house would always be spotless.

And, just because I know you all are dying to know what I had for dinner after last night’s semi-sophisticated entry and all my facebook going on about the duck that I marinated in Cabernet Sauvignon for Christmas dinner, I thought I’d share this pic of tonight’s feast.  Yes, that’s store bought bread and cheap american cheese.  It melts good and tastes yummy.  But the beer is homebrew, part of a sampler some really good friends of ours brought for Christmas.  It has coffee in it. Yummy!  The sandwich didn’t taste as out of focus as the picture looks.  It actually tasted quite in focus.  And I paired it with a Claussen dill spear. (Note the beer is in focus, for all you photog’s out there, I was shooting with a 1.8 lens, hence the extremely shallow depth of field.  I would have fixed it, but I’d already eaten the sandwich 😀 )

Jody had frozen burritos.  Well, he did microwave them first.